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  1. Site Maintenance Outage
  2. Smileys... if you want new ones, look here...
  3. The End of an Era but the Beginning of a New Age
  4. New Advertiser: The Tire Club
  5. Tapatalk Installed on DTR
  6. New Cummins 6.7 Videos!
  7. DTR Teams up with Cummins and Ram Brand for live Q&A
  8. DTR is now on TWITTER!
  9. December Truck Of the Month Winner!
  10. Chapter Sub-Forums Added
  11. Diamond Back Covers Product Evaluation
  12. July Truck Of the Month
  13. Site upgrade Scheduled - Sunday July 08, 2007
  14. Old Private Messages
  15. DTR welcomes our newest sponsor TRE Diesel Performance
  16. Truck Of the Month Winner for June 07
  17. DTR Welcomes our newest sponsor Accurate Technical Services LLC
  18. Free X-Power Plus Module from BD Power!
  19. FREE Southbend Clutch!
  20. DTR welcomes our newest site sponsor Banks Power!
  21. DTR Now Bigger than TDR in membership.
  22. Welcome to Dave Mann @ Performance Oil Technology, L.L.C.
  23. DTR Welcomes Glacier Diesel Power!
  24. DTR welcomes Stylinmotors as our newest vendor
  25. DTR Welcomes DynoMite Diesel Performance
  26. DTR Welcomes Ozark Diesel Performance!
  27. DTR Welcomes Mad Electronics to our family of vendors
  28. Welcome to Rust Bullet our newest DTR Vendor
  29. DTR Welcomes Performance Diesel Warehouse
  30. DTR welcomes South Bend Clutch!
  31. Winner of Quadzilla Monster Air Intake System
  32. Moving Servers Tonight!!
  33. Welcome to HotRodDiesels.com!
  34. Welcome to High Tech Turbo!
  35. New DTR Vendor!
  36. Welcome Strano Performance Parts!
  37. DTR Welcomes Ft Lb Performance!
  38. NEW ADVERTISER: NewDodgeOrder.Com
  39. Website Database Work
  40. Classified Ads Updated
  41. DTR Welcomes Diesel Performance Shops
  42. Valid Email Addresses!
  43. Welcome to SmokinDiesel.com!
  44. DTR welcomes Formula One Diesel
  45. DTR Welcomes Brakesmart our newest vendor.
  46. DieselTruckResource.com joins Four Wheeler Magazine in project!
  47. DTR Welcomes Gale Banks Engineering
  48. 10,000 members!
  49. DTR Accessories now available!
  50. RECALL NOTICE - 2003/2004 Auto Trans
  51. Network Change Complete
  52. DTR welcomes our newest sponsor DieselManor.com
  53. Attention VERIZON users:
  54. New Classifieds System In Place!
  55. DTR Welcomes TS Performance!
  56. DTR welcomes Jannetty Racing Enterprises
  57. DTR Welcomes Diesel Power Products
  58. City Muffler & Performance Joins DTR
  59. DTR Welcomes Diesel Performance Products
  60. DTR has a new vendor!
  61. New DTR Vendor!
  62. NOTICE, DTR Photo Gallery
  63. Don't forget to join a DTR Chapter!
  64. 2004 January Truck of the Month
  65. New Photo Gallery in Production!
  66. New Photo Section in Test!
  67. Site Moved to Vbulletin - READ!
  68. HVAC Tribute video and DTR Video #2!
  69. Christmas donations for a much needed new server
  70. Nowel Thomas
  71. DTR Welcomes Laredo Performance Diesel
  72. UPDATE: Site Changes
  73. Major Site Changes to Come
  74. Diesel Hot Rod Association Calendar
  75. Cool-Down Timer Review
  76. Cummins Announces Extended Contract
  77. DTR welcomes Turbo Cool Down Timer to our family.
  78. DTR Hits 7,000 Members!
  79. DTR going to Dodge only for now
  80. DTR welcomes Pacbrake to our family!
  81. New Vendor West Texas Turbo Diesel
  82. New DTR Vendor Michael Sparks
  83. New Article - Wildcat Diesel Maximum Fuel Upgrade System
  84. Fundraiser to save lives
  85. Site Upgrade
  86. DTR Music Video
  87. New High Performance & Aftermarket Accessories boards
  88. New forums added - GM and Ford
  89. New Vendor Diesel Performance Parts Inc.
  90. New Article - PacBrake install
  91. Clarifying the rules regarding your signatures.
  92. Business advertisements in signatures.
  93. New Article - Turbo Master
  94. New Advertiser - Foster Truck Parts
  95. Emjay Strategy Controller Article - Part 2 Available
  96. Emjay Strategy Controller Article Available - #1 of series
  97. New Advertiser: Maczuk Chrysler!
  98. New Advertiser: TS Performance Products
  99. Congratulations! Banshee won!
  100. Contest - Guess when the 3000th member will register
  101. Changes to Attachments and Signatures
  102. New photo gallery - Testing only
  103. Site Growth - New Moderator
  104. National Chapter DTR#1 Formed....
  105. Plaudersmiles.de
  106. Newest Article: ATS Transmission Install - Sept, 2002