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travel trailers off-road?

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Re:travel trailers off-road?

I have seen these trailers and they do seem built for the task.<br><br> I also read somewhere about the dangers of flipping over the axles to get better ground clearance. The guy who wrote this, works on them and has seen the stress fractures in the metal and states they will fail in this manner.<br><br> Getting a trailer that is readily designed for the use you intend, might save you money in the long run
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Re:travel trailers off-road?

i know nuthin bout the brand of tt's you speak of,,,,,,but,,,,,,,,,,,
i have raised many tt's to make em usable for off rd use with no probs.
have put springs on top instead of under axles,,,,,,,fliped over dropcenter axles and put springs on top,,,of crse heating and bending axles to get proper camber. i have added 4 inch tubing tween the spring hangers and the frame for aditional clearance. cross pieces at to structural rigidity. have also added some used 36 inch buckshots on 1 tt for clearance after raising it. i used to get into some serious stuff wid my tt's.
i have had no major probs with usin em this way. had screws back out and such but no frame probs. only damage was broken springs and spring hangers caused by turnin too sharp on hard paved surfaces. for this use however i like to buy used units.
also rerouting and securing of the elec brake wires ismandatory. not only from brush but gumbo mud likes to ball up and tear the wires as it sticks to the tire and go round and ruound

i also change to a swivel jack on my serious off road tt's and have a standard on the tongue wid a wide foot suitable to hold the tongue while winch the tt. done that a few times :

ive also lenghthened the toungue for sharper turning w/o making contact and more distance tween truck and tt on uneven surfaces
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Re:travel trailers off-road?

I have looked closely at the Nash/Arctic Fox line, and they appear to be very well suited to off-road RV travel. They also hold more fresh water than a lot of other brands. Some day, when I move up from my 26' Aluma-Lite 5ver, it will be to an Artic Fox. Almost all of my camping trips are 30+ miles down a dirt road, then 2-5 miles down a 2-track. I am truly amazed at where my '96 ram &amp; 5ver can go without flipped axles. I'll probably really get myself into trouble with an Arctic Fox!
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Re:travel trailers off-road?

Wow! 28' is a lot of trailer to drag,opps, tow off road. I would recommend up sizing the tires, to what just will not rub. Consider a higher load range to help to prevent punctures.<br>Install off road pots and pans, hee, hee.<br>I use to take my previous Apache Pop-up off road. In fact, even up some grades that required low range and that was almost not enough. Once I ripped the steps off on one trip, it did much better. It at least had skid plates over under the gear boxes and I used them. DOH!<br>All I can say is, BE CAREFUL! <br>Well, most of my camping is off road, that is why I have a truck camper, so I can also flat tow my CJ behind it.<br>Enjoy! <br>
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Re:travel trailers off-road?

I have a Wilderness by FLEETWOOD. It is made for off road. Sturdy, high off the ground and extra insulation...hence the name. Been hunting and camping off road, in the Idaho mountains and never had a problem.<br><br>Stan
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Re:travel trailers off-road?

Gear Poet: We had a 1996 Nash 26J that followed us all over the NW back roads. It's last trip before we sold it in 2002 was up 6 miles of &quot;road&quot; that took us 35 minutes to navigate--crossed 3 creeks. The Nash was not a slide out, not as tall--even with straight axle. The new Fox is WAY up there--has small slide and is shorter--better suited to back roads we think. They are built like tanks. Check out their website at I am active on the Open Roads forum also and there is LOTS of info there on Northwood products. the travel trailer section, or click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the page for the search. Expand the search time to 6 months or more and you will find lots of information. Arctic Fox is a heavy trailer due to the size of the frame.
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Re:travel trailers off-road?

GP, basically the Fox is a Nash with all options standard, plus solid wood doors, enclosed heated holding tanks (may be the same on Nash now) different interiors, etc. Nash comes standard with aluminum sides. I don't have a 2003 brochure on them and a few things are standard on Nash that weren't in 2002. The best way to check on the web site is to bring each brand up separately, then compare what is standard on each and what options are available. The important things--frames, structure, etc. are the same. Even most of the floorplans are the same. For back roads travel we couldn't find another brand that even came close to their heavy construction. As mentioned before, it does add weight. You can't directly compare dry weights of Nash and Fox (same floorplan) because you must figure in the weight of options added on the Nash--Fox comes with everything but a powerjack and a fantastic fan standard. A must have option on the Nash is shocks--make a real difference.
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Re:travel trailers off-road?

well...I own a Rampage FW (i know you dont want a FW) and it hauls my Jeep inside (weighs the better part of 3000lbs)...their tt model both in three axle 28 to 30 foot form has a very stout frame and can hold LOTS of weight the are also a little higher than most toyhaulers so you dont have to flip the axles especialy on the tt models...I originaly had a 97 ford ext cab PSD 4x4 to pull it and had no issues boondocken ...they are less than a weekend warrior and built as good...infact all the Rampage/ nomad by Skyline frames are stout on their toy haulers...i was leaning toward the tt model but wifey wanted the fw...guess who won!! and I aint complainin!!! ;D ;D
my two cents for whats its worth
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Re:travel trailers off-road?

We have a 95' Nash 19ft TT and it has worked well for us. It's<br>stored in the drive way without cover and has not leaked even<br>with the typical Oregon rain. Off road two track trails have not<br>caused any trauma other than learning to make sure the fridge<br>door is properly closed and the upper cabinets are locked. I am<br>nervous when on rutted roads thinking about the gray and black water drains but I have'nt knocked them off yet. The trailer itself is everything we hoped it would be, quality appliances, nice fabrics and comfortable for two or three folks.<br>You wont be disappointed with either the Fox or the Nash. We<br>are fair weather campers and the Fox was more than we need.<br><br>
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