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Programmer info

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Programmer info

My complete stock (except for the DNJ governor in the trans) 1999 Dodge 3500 Cummins auto trans 4.10 gear 4x4 needs a little extra power to pull my old boat ( approx 9000lbs) up hills\mountains. The truck has 56k miles on it I have owned it since new.
I'd like to just do a programmer, what is the most popular brand used? I'd prefer to not cut wires but as I was informed to adjust timming on the pump they require it. Also keep the stock trans\torque converter alive it will be upgraded in the future.

thanks for the help have been a lurker of this site now I need a little input.
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In your case the Smarty JR would be wires to cut, simply plug it in and let it download.....

Give me a call at the Performance Shop and I can go into details....

Lowest Pricing allowed with warranty and free shipping for DTR Members
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I'm sure Top meant SMARTY S-03 as we in the vp-44 dont get as cool of stuff as the CR crowd. I can say smarty is quick easy to use and has alot of easy levels and sublevels to choose without destroying your very low mileage 99.
if there is a smarty Vendor near you most of them will allow you to go to them and then they can do a demo download on your truck to see if you like it. if you like it then you can get ahold of Top at the store here and he can save you some $clams.
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The SMARTY S-03 has 10 power levels, what is CaTCHER software?

Use additional Timing for towing?

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sorry was off for a few days.
but go on look under products and check out the FAQ sheet.

CaTCHER software's inside

Ten different performance levels

Fastest download in the industry, a typical ECM update takes less
than two minutes

ABS tire height updates in just seconds

Not traceable in the stock setting. Smarty leaves no footprint

Cold weather 3 Cylinder High Idle is enabled in all softwares

Reads Diagnostic Trouble Codes in plain text

No tools required, no fuses to pull

USB built in for simple updates

Most complete keyboard in the industry

Reliable, it works off your OEM hardware

Programmable Speed Limiter from 25 to 250 mph (in trucks of 2001 and
2002 the speed limiter is programmable in mph, older trucks have only a speed adjustment)


SW# 1 : Fuel Saver
SW# 2 : Only more fuel and Boost fooling
SW# 3 : Like # 2 + added timing
SW# 4 : “Soft” CaTCHER no added timing
SW# 5 : Like # 4 + added Timing
SW# 6 : Mild CaTCHER no added timing
SW# 7 : Like # 6 + added Timing
SW# 8 : CaTCHER no added timing
SW # 9 : CaTCHER with Timing

Software number Zero,
About half the power of a stock software. Use it whenever reduced power is desired or
when you have to make sure that NO SMOKE is produced .

Software number One,
The Fuel Saver software. Mpg gains vary, in most cases a + 2 MPG has been reported.
Please notice that the timing in this software is rather aggressive.
HEAVY TOWING is not recommended with this software.

Software number Two,
This software increases the fuel delivered by the ECM and does the boost fooling.

Software number :Three,
Same as software # 2 but timing has been added.

CaTCHER softwares from number : Four to number Nine,
The even numbered softwares are identical to the odd numbered ones, except for the
timing. The softwares without added timing are intended for use with timing adding

The power gain at top RPM with these softwares is almost identical. These softwares
differ greatly in HOW they get there. Than higher the software number then more
aggressive the throttle response from idle speed up. Aggressive to the point that the
softwares Eight and Nine can become difficult to handle on slippery roads. Please be
very careful when you use these softwares for the first time! It takes some time to learn
how to handle them.
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FYI: Smarty!!
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