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2012 4x4 front end thud/pop???

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2012 4x4 front end thud/pop???

2012 4x4, 60k miles. Just started this yesterday. When turning, usually slowly, I get a loud thud or pop from the front end. It doesn't do this all the time. I've visually checked everything while I had someone turning the steering wheel and didn't see anything. It seems like its coming from the drivers side. Its loud enough it has me very concerned. I haven't checked the BJ's yet but it doesn't make sense to me for it to be that.

I can see a bit of movement in the track bar at the frame but I think that's just the bushing giving.

Any ideas before I have to somehow make time to get it to a shop?
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I would get the front end off the ground and check ball joints, U joints and wheel bearing assemblies. Also check around the steering gear box. I had one is the shop last month with loose bolts holding the gear box to the frame.
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I had a right side u joint at replaced at around your mileage. It was popping and binding when turning sharply. I couldn't shake it by hand with it on the ground. It was apparent when the shop jacked the front end up and cut the wheels while spinning the wheel.
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Axle joint. Look far any sign of rust dust around the bearing caps. One of them will probably have some.
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