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Today 11:12 AM

T-man -If I looked rough when you left at 8 PM, I can only guess what I looked like after Tim and I started to get into some tasty IPAs and proceeded to hang out chatting till midnight. Tim told me...
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Today 10:33 AM

Dan, It was nice to meet you at the show in Carlisle! Give me a ring some time and I can help, if you have any further questions. Here is the quick answer version.... I would use the 2nd gen...
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By: cougar
Today 10:18 AM

50 and cloudy with more evening thunder storms in the forecast. Ours is of the "D" log method. Straighter lines, less chinking between the logs that doesn't have to be redone every few years, and a...
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Today 09:15 AM

1996 Ext Cab Cummins 4WD, auto 135,000mi. Very clean truck, metal repair and paint done ~5yrs ago. Trans was rebuilt ~10k miles ago. Fuel plate by Dubuque diesel. Tires have ~5k on them. Really clean...
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By: NJTman
Today 06:43 AM

ha, ha ha ha ha.... The Mainstream Media all over the world has been desperately trying for over two years to de legitimize OUR President, cause division between the American public, and...
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Today 04:56 AM

Hmmm, guess I better check mine out...
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Yesterday 10:48 PM

Thanks for finishing your story.
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Yesterday 09:33 PM

Southern ingenuity ol son
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Yesterday 08:40 PM

I've been using 3m bedding compound. It makes a horrific mess and need a buddy to install, but better than the urethane perma-bond
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By: bonus
Yesterday 08:37 PM

Good, thanks for info.
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Yesterday 06:33 PM

For those that are interested it seems like the tables that exist in the 2003/2004 tables are used differently by the ecm than the 2004.5+ Ecm. I had pretty much the same values as far as I could...
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Yesterday 03:27 PM

Simple- if you load the engine within it's power band.. Do the EGTs stay reasonable- is there a lot of black smoke- if not you are in the ballpark regarding air. If you have high EGTs, smoke...
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Yesterday 03:19 PM

Might be an option one day if it is still in decent shape and my daughter does not want it anymore...;)
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Yesterday 02:37 PM

My '04 has a Juice module that puts me close to a stock 6.7L, but there's no way I could match the power output of the newer engines w/o melting the engine. For me, emissions delete would be a given...
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By: Tknopp
Yesterday 02:34 PM

2002 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT ($9,000) 24 Valve Gen 2 Cummins 242k miles Automatic doors and Windows Keyless Entry Heated Mirrors Power driver seat Newer rims and tires (approx 80% Tread life left)
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Yesterday 01:39 PM

You could have a magnesium deficiency. Try soaking in epsom salts to see if that helps. I used to get bad leg cramps that would make me scream. I think it was an electrolyte imbalance but I could...
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