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Intercooler necessary w/ my mods?


Old 08-16-2017, 08:59 PM
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Intercooler necessary w/ my mods?

So long story short I had to have my engine rebuilt with new pistons 20 over due a dumb mistake I made changing my fuel filter at autozone myself. Didn't make sense and still doesn't.

question is Iwas having high egt issues for years before this happened and well my truck is in the shop getting a rebuild, an SCM pusher kit to help spool/throttle response/egts, and I'm trying to decide if I should put in a mishimoto intercooler right now? How much is it going to help me over my stocker?

im estimating I'm in the 550hp-600hp range and I see 47'ish psi of boost sometimes up to 52 and just about tap out my pyro.

Mr. John P has provided a ton of knowledge on water meth to both me and the boards over the years and that is a good option but Prefer not to have a huge tank and don't want to have to worry about refills on a smaller one...would rather have hard parts so me some justice. I'm also not against a water meth down the road.

what do y'all think? Intercooler gonna help egt's/performance or am I wasting $?
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Old 08-17-2017, 11:52 AM
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breathing more AND cooler air... seems like no brainer to me to improve both.

im curious as to how a fuel filter R&R wrecks a motor
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I have about the largest intercooler you can stuff into the allotted space. But I can push 90 psi (actually about 1800 cfm of air).

Your HP range puts you at the marginal end of your stock intercooler performance. However, you're not going to see the egt reduction you are hoping for. The $$ spent on an intercooler are frankly not worth the return of the investment at the power range you say you are at.

If you are intent on getting that intercooler, the Banks is actually a better investment than the mishimoto. I don't generally like Banks stuff, but that is one of their best products.

Full disclosure, I do not have a Banks intercooler myself. But you would not benefit from the extra $$$ and trouble to install for the one I have which is made to handle the CFM I push. Water injection is your friend. Mr. P and I are of the same mind on that subject.
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Old 10-20-2017, 09:47 PM
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BD one is another option,,pricey but mine was done by the insurance company. Stocker was out of stock for 6-8 weeks after a hit and run at work and $5500.00 Damages( i figure a semi backed into my truck at work,,no bumper damage,grill took all the hit).After reading most posts that state the money is best spent else where,i would of probable not spend the $$$ if i was paying the full cost.
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We tow a 30ft fifth wheel all over with the stock trans for about 50k then I put more power and lost trans in about 20k rebuilt with upgrades about 20k ago 145k on the clock now.pull away
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