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DTR Now Bigger than TDR in membership.

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Originally Posted by 05 DIRTY DODGE View Post
Post count has nothing to do with the knowledge about the TDR and DTR. I've read tons of posts and between the two TDR IS THE BEST. I don't have to dig for info and search forever. There is LOTS of talk on the DTR. Where's all the dyno research on turbo, programmers, air cleaners, exhaust? TDR has it all in the mag. None here. You said your bigger and better by more members, and anybody can sign up on this site and not even own a CTD. I'm pretty sure anybody spending 35.00 dollars for a mag and access to the internet site HAS a CTD. Let's compare apples to apples. Out of 30k memberships, how many are really active? Do you cancel a member after a certain amount of time just because they don't post or sign on? Are they a member for life even if they don't log on and still be counted? The TDR numbers don't lie. They pay. Anybody can sit on the fence on talk, but the ones who run their pie hole are the ones who don't know Jack.
My membership expired 5 years ago on TDR, yet I am still shown as a member of their forum. You might want to do some research before you speak. I'll leave it at that. I'm also going to close this thread because it's a waste of time. Back when the site was small, I used to care about growing and surpassing all the others. In a way, I still do because it means that we have done something right, which from the majority of folks, I get positive feedback. At this point, we will let the site speak for itself. If you like it, great. If not, then leave and don't let the door hit ya. I'm not into trying to coddle people to try and get them to stay. We can barely keep up with the growth here as it is.
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