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Greg Boardman of DRC passed away last night.

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Sorry to hear of the loss, I'll keep the family in my prayers.
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I've been gone for a few days... so I'm just getting this news now. He was a nice guy... I talked with him a few times on the phone... made my Kore purchase thru him... terrible loss...
Sorry for his family and friends....
Not enough words to complete my feelings....
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I too, talked to Greg on the phone once about a Kore Suspension kit. Super nice.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.
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I had the chance to speak with Greg on the phone back in the early third generation days,since the California trucks were a whole 'nother animal back then.We must have talked for an hour or so the first time.His enthusiasm and willingness to share information was what I will remember.Sorry to see him gone at such an early age.Looks like the heavens will have another Soot Sprayer in the kingdom,take care of him Lord.
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Deepest SORROW!

I*M 73 yrs Old & have done just about every thing I ever wanted to Do? Chased the Girls & caught a few raced Cars & Bikes flew planes & have personally witnessed many un-explained things in my 70 odd years & Death is our hardest pill to Swallow I know of! as None of US ever knows When or How? My Deepest Sorrow! to Gregs Family--& in my personal Search for our Reason? for being here on Planet Earth?--I in my Ole Age w/ freinds Passing away all most Daily--& in searching for Where? do We GO? I was watching over my Grand Sons Shoulder as He was looking at Photos of Space taken by the Hubbel Space Scope & in all members Grief-take a Moment & Go to Search--Hubble Space Scope--Photo Elblem--Nubulars--& look at M-17--& Stars--giant Red Star--One Photo showing the RED star w/ several smaller Photos just under It--Zoom in on Both I have mentioned Above!--as in M-17 theres a Human Figure GOD? JESUS? in the Nubular--& theres a Womans Figure in the Giant Red star--she just to the right of the Red stars Center w/ a Bright Star on her Forehead!--Mary?--I Dono? but Common scense dictates the Hubble is traveling though Space at un-beleivable Speed snaping Photos as it Goes!--& remember!! all Photos are a Moment Frozen in TIME! & I Dono? what the Odds would Be? to Catch the Human like Figures in a Constantly Moving Gas Cloud? of Swearling Matter! but there There never the Less! & Too GREGS Family--PLease Pay close Attention to Un-Usual Happenings! over the next few Days! Examples--a Very close freind died yrs Ago--& I was visiting his Family--Paying My Respects! & His Daughter was in the Basement operating the Washng machine--My freinds Wife asked Me to Call the Daughter! as Diner was Ready!--I walked down the Basement Stairs & Hugged the 12 yr old & as the Washing machine was Running & Noticed it was NOT Plugged In --as the Cord laid on the Floor some 4 feet away!--I Picked it UP & looked! sure Enough! it was the Washers Plug! & stuffed it under the Washers Lid & His Daughter & I went Up the Stairs to Dinner! & it continued to RUN as We Ate & chatted as it was just after XMAS! Dec 28 th--the XMAS tree fell Over! & three very Able Men attempted to Lift IT & place it Back in the Connor of the Room Ripping several Big Braches off the Size of a Broom Handel!--The XMAS Tree never Moved!--& months Latter His Wife had Traded Cars & asked ME to Follow Her to the Dealer ship--& it was a Very Hot Day! She just pulled Over & I didn*t know?? what was wrong? as SHE just Pointed! to the CAR!--as SHE was Jumping Up & Down like a CRAZY woman! I rushed to the CAR! & opened up the Drivers Door! there in the Car was several Inches of SNOW! being Blown out of the Defroster--as the CAR had NO Air conditioning! I Shut the CAR OFF! & for 10 minutes or More? w/ NO power the SNOW continued! until the Entire Cars Interior was completly Covered!--I called the Dealer & He sent a Ramp truck & they loaded up the Car still Full of SNOW! SHE got her New One & We left & Shes Gone Now! but WE witnessed some very Strange Happenings! I Don*t have any Answers! just Dono? but Strange! to the Universal Laws WE mankind lives with! GOD BLESS--Ole JIM--
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Funeral Infomation for Greg

Greg's funeral will be next Tuesday Sept 19th at 4PM at the following location:

4344 Mesquite Springs Rd
Twentynine Palms, CA

This was also posted on TDR.
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My Deepest Sympathy goes out to all Gregs' Family and Friends.
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