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hoot 09-06-2006 02:24 PM

Greg Boardman of DRC passed away last night.
Apparently a head on collision. 9-5-06
This was reported on TDR today.

My condolences to his family.

RATTLINRAM 09-06-2006 04:47 PM

Our condolences go out to his family and friends. I'm sure he will be missed by many.

1966 - 2006

lovinCTD59 09-06-2006 05:05 PM

Sorry to hear this, he will be missed. May he RIP. :(

Death Dealer 09-06-2006 05:32 PM

This is sad news. Greg is a well respected man.

CIN'S DODGE 09-06-2006 05:41 PM

I didn't know him but our thoughts and prayers will be with his family.

whereswaldo250 09-06-2006 06:17 PM

I never talked to Greg but read his threads. He had a great personality, he will be missed for a long time:( My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
God Speed Greg[redface]

hoot 09-06-2006 06:54 PM

I spoke with him last week over the phone. I have a note from him along with a quote for tires he sent me last week.

Very sad:(

PWT05Dodge 09-06-2006 07:00 PM

I know in the military, when one of our own pass away, we try to celebrate their lives' more so than mourn their deaths. Despite personal opinions, Greg was a man who was passionate about our trucks. As the post on TDR states, the next time you are driving your truck, let some (or a lot) of black smoke go in his memory. I wish you well on the last truly great adventure Greg!! R.I.P.

Common 09-06-2006 07:28 PM

I'll say a prayer...

God Bless...

Bosshawg600 09-06-2006 07:31 PM

A Cummins man is My family.....My full condolences

Viperdew 09-06-2006 08:05 PM

My condolences goes out to his entire family. He was a pleasure to deal with when I purchased and installed my Chase System 2 months ago.

SuperDave4x4 09-06-2006 08:08 PM

Oh man. :( Terribly sorry to hear that. My prayers are out to his family and friends.

iker42 09-06-2006 08:12 PM I have no clue what to say... My prayers are with his family and hope that he found a very large diesel cloud to float to heaven in.... Its just so close, its like we are a family...and each feels the loss as if they were blood...


Willy91 09-06-2006 08:17 PM

Thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Was he and his truck in diesel power mag just a couple months ago?

crobtex 09-06-2006 08:47 PM

Thoughts and prayers to his family.

It's amazing how fast things can go from God.

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