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DPF Delete Concerns

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DPF Delete Concerns

I already started a thread but it seems to have petered out and I'm anxious to try and get some solid info. Sorry if I'm breaking forum protocol.

2008 Ram 2500; 6.7L Cummins; 160,000 KM; Not subject to testing

It appears I have a plugged DPF and a delete is being suggested using EFI Live. I am concerned that deleting the DPF, NOX and Cat and re-programming the ECM will affect any future diagnosis and repair to any of the systems. I have already encountered P2563 codes and while a good cleaning seems to have fixed the problem for now I fear it may return and possibly require a turbo replacement. How does that work if the ECM has been re-programmed? Also it's been suggested that I have high coolant pressure possibly due to cracked EGR cooler or blown head gasket. Again how does the custom tune affect such repairs. I can't afford to be doing a $600 custom tune everytime I need to do any other repair and besides I don't necessarily want to be depending on the same shop for future repairs. One last concern, I got the idea from reading some of the other threads that a custom tune will not succeed if there are any other issues with the truck. Is this correct? I look forward to any advice
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Originally Posted by BatocheBob View Post
Also it's been suggested that I have high coolant pressure possibly due to cracked EGR cooler or blown head gasket.
Where did this suggestion come from? Is there any code or data to support?
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Not the exact answer you are looking for but my truck has been practically perfect ever since doing the deletes. Before that, always at the dealer for some repair, usually related to emissions equipment.

I've never seen where the deletes or reprogam have caused any issues, including reading other codes from the truck.

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On a side note, some tuning platforms suppress turbo codes so consider that also.
I don't think that's a big issue. The 2563 code is the "replace turbo" code and you'll know when that's needed without a code. (2262 is the "clean the turbo" code)

Your "custom" tune is a tune that's been customized for a group of vehicles with the same options. So in that sense it's a "standard" delete tune for a stock truck. It will only need modified if you add or change something like the injectors, 2nd gen turbo mod, intake and such. Or it can be tweaked for any anomalies you may have but making normal repairs doesn't affect your tuning.

It is best to delete and tune it when things are perfect. This way you know the results of deleting without any other influences. Many (most?) delete in the same situation you're in so don't give it much thought.

I would follow up with Mega-engr on the excessive pressure part tho. Deleting will eliminate the suspect egr cooler but not a bad head gasket.
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