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Injector pump/Lift pump/Injectors Leaking?

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Injector pump/Lift pump/Injectors Leaking?

I was hoping to get an update or a little guidance. My long story short is I bought a high mileage 3rd gen. No exterior leaks, no dancing oil filler cap and all reasonably clean rust free with all fluids at the correct level. Everything appears stock with the exception of a Smarty programmer set at level 3. new turbo and full set of injectors within 10,000 miles with receipts...Boost gauge and EGT levels normal when driven.

Fast forward two weeks ... Truck runs great, but time to do maintenance. I changed new fuel filter oil/filter and bearings in rear and six new shoes. Thinking all was maintenance I did not check the oil level before changing, but found approximately three quarts extra diesel smelling fluid. Without boring anyone with details of other things, the only fact I have is when I added uv dye to the fuel filter reservoir, it only took 45 seconds to pollute the oil all across the head and oil pan. After reading a few forums and a post I was told only two suspects.. Injectors or Injector pump. After reading this I'm adding the lift pump? I don't like throwing parts at a problem and would like to figure it out. Is there a way to rule any of these out? After the purchase of the truck and the 2K in tires and obvious needs I am not in a position to throw 3-5 hundred at having injectors tested or 1000+ at a injector pump. I am not discounting the injectors, but as fast as fuel got through the system should I suspect the pumps first. Is there anywhere where I can have the Injector pump tested for seal leaks? After UV test it has remained parked, but I would really like to get something going with it.HELP!
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Most likely culprit is where the cross feed tubes seat into the injectors. Remove the injector lines from the side of the head. Remove each tube and inspect the tips for deformities and then reinstall torquing them to the correct spec.

Bad injectors should cause rough running, white smoke maybe and increase in power or surging.

Bad high pressure injection pump should be low on power.

Lift pump is electric in the fuel tank. Pump no run, engine no run.
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BTW the manual says to replace tubes when replacing injectors. Most people don't. You might need new ones if they weren't done.
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