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I am at my wits end!!!

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I am at my wits end!!!

I dont know what else to do. Lemme put some info first .
2003 Ram 3500 5.9l turbo diesel
over 200k miles manual transmission
Problem: It putt putts when I idle, when im going a constant speed,when low on fuel, even putts worse during the cold (disgustingly worse). Sounds fine when its 80į< outside. Not so much when I accelerate unless it gets to 2k rpm and above. Whatever it is killed my fuel pump and I replaced it. Bought in October and it didnt do it when I bought it and slowly started doing it more the longer I've had it. Its random too. Not a consistent putt like for a misfire.

What all ive done/replaced: fuel filter, MAP sensor, TPS, fuel pump, seafoam, injector cleaners, routine oil changes, I dont have a lift pump, air filter change. Theres no air in the fuel lines.

Ive scoured the internet for everything. Ive not done the injectors or computer. I do have codes up. Imma have to recheck it but I know one of them was "low circuit A" or something like that .The other code was for the MAP sensor which I replaced later.

Heres what I recorded at idle
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Can't suggest anything at this point. Please clarify something; you said that you your truck does not have a lift pump, but that you replaced the fuel pump. What sort of fuel pump did you replace? Does this truck have an aftermarket lift pump? How are you getting the fuel to the CP3? Did you replace the CP3?
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I replaced the in tank fuel pump. Ive read that the lift pump is behind the fuel filter and that some places remove it .I didnt see it on there . I'm pretty new to diesels. So I could've missed something. Ive not touched the CP3 (didnt know what it was lol)
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