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Engine oil is like tar


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Engine oil is like tar

hello all.

My my friends truck is a 05, truck site for a couple months at a time sometimes because of his work. He changes oil regularly with s reputable shop. He had oil done oct/nov. he came home from being gone, had to boost truck. Drove it a couple hours shut down, boost again. Put new batteries in it thinking that was issue, drove it same thing. Put new starter on it thinking it was drawing way too much, same thing happened. Took it back to shop, they thought oil looked pretty dark, pulled drain plug and the oil came out like tar. They had to heat up oil pan to get the oil out. Now what in the heck could cause this? They tried flushing with atf and diesel. Performed numerous oil changes. But still can't get it all out. What are ya'lls thoughts?
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Old 02-12-2018, 09:24 AM
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With 100 views, and not one reply, you would think that something is wrong, with either the information you have provided, or no one wants to comment on the idea that your "friend" took his ride to a shop either not changing his oil when they say they are, or are using poor quality /recycled oil in the truck. The only time I've seen oil in that poor of a condition was when I worked in a shop where someone came in, who NEVER changed his oil because he was too cheap, or too stupid to do so. Your friend could be paying for services he's not actually receiving, thinking that all is well, when its not because of someone else.

It also doesn't help that you start your thread with electrical issues, then go onto an oil tar problem. Confusing the issue a bit

Personally, I would reconsider where your friend brings his ride to have the services done. There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there, and if you rip a few people off, every day, over a period of a year, it can be quite profitable.

I always, and will always change my own oil, as I can buy premium oil and filters, and still pay way less than any shop would charge me. I actually enjoy it, believe it or not
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Old 02-12-2018, 04:28 PM
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Pull the oil pan and clean it all out along with the pick-up would be the best way in my opinion.

Then, do as mentioned above and tell him to change the oil himself. My .02
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Definitely sounds like the oil was not actually being changed!
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Depends on what he means by changes oil regularly.

A truck that sits for a long time and/or does cold start short runs will build up moisture in the crank case. Over time it will turn the oil acidic and become sludge.

If he isn’t doing oil changes twice a year at least, regardless of miles, I’d try that.

And try to drive it 30-40 minutes on the highway every couple weeks.

A person could also send a sample to Blacktone to see how much water, fuel, or possible coolant might be in the oil, as well as a total base number.
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