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Pullrite SuperGlide 16k Installation.

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Re:Pullrite SuperGlide 16k Installation.

Phil<br><br>You are not getting much response.<br><br>Maybe you are the first of the group to purchase this hitch.<br><br>I am insterested in how well it performs. I may need one in the future, if I buy a new truck with a quad cab and short bed.<br><br>The new trucks are longer and will not go in my garage.<br><br>Keep us posted as to your impressions when you get to pull with it.<br><br>Dan
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Re:Pullrite SuperGlide 16k Installation.

Diesel Phil, Sure glad you have the 2002 since you have the short bed, 2003 SB is 3 inches shorter. Every inch counts when installing a 5er hitch in a SB. <br><br>The Pull-Rite is the hitch that has the automatic slider? Read the instructions carefully before starting. Assemble the hitch on bed rails in the truck bed and check out the best position before any drilling. Don't get in a hurry. Check out clearance to truck cab with the hitch in both forward and rear position. <br><br>&quot;Measure twice and drill once.&quot; <br><br>Good luck Diesel Phil.
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Re:Pullrite SuperGlide 16k Installation.

I little info for you 2003 owners. The 16K Superglide brackets are available for both the 2500 and 3500 series trucks with the short beds. It is bracket kit #3319 and does NOT require drilling. Just an FYI for those that need that sliding hitch. You can get more info on the hitch at www.pullrite.com <br><br>They are also very close on a number of other applications. The tough one apparently is the 2WD 3500 with a non sliding hitch. They sounded pretty confident that they will eventually have all applications covered. <br><br>Cheers, <br><br>Casey<br><br>
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