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Foglight ACC power issue

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Foglight ACC power question

Hi there, I am wondering if having this setup plugged up to my battery would drain my battery if I leave it plugged up to the battery. The reason it concerns me is the switch itself turns the foglights on and off as needed, but with the ground hooked up the switch stays lit up indefinately.The ground seems to control the switch illumination. Without it ground the illumination for the switch itself is off, but the switch still powers off and on the foglights with no ground connected. I don't neccessarily need the switch illumination, but I am concerned whether this relay is regulating power right or not with its ACC wire directly connected to the battery itself.

I have this in my 2005 dodge ram 2500 5.9l 4x4

This is the relay itself, this is what I am concerned about since I don't know if it would regulate the power right with the setup I have going to the battery since its not a traditional 30A relay with multiple prongs going out of it that you buy from o'reillys or an auto parts store.

This relay fuse only has a 15A fuse for the whole system which is another concern since most off road setups use 30A or 50A fuses with relays.

So now that you know the situation and my concerns. I am wondering if I really need to connect the ACC to the ignition system itself or if the switch is okay to stay connected to the battery with the ground off for the switch illumination itself. I typically leave the switch ground disconnected so I have no switch illumination. Without the switch ground the switch illumination is off, but the fogs work so long as the yellow ACC wire is going to the battery itself. They turn off and on by the switch with no problems. I'm just not sure if this connection straight to the battery will leave me with a dead battery in the morning. For that reason I have been debating tieing into the ignition acc key position. I don't really want to do this, but I will if I really need to.

Sorry for such a crazy question, I just want to make sure having this setup connected to the battery won't leave me with a dead battery the next morning.
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