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first time pulling - looking for advice/set up.

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first time pulling - looking for advice/set up.

hey guys, im gonna hook for the first time next sat locally and im just looking for advice on what to do the best i can do with my set up as well as how to set the truck up for next weekend.

Heres what i have for a list so far done to the truck

Edge COMP hot unlock
SBC SDD3600 dual disc (street clutch - non SFI approved)
FASS 150
7x0.011 injectors
Maxspool dual valve springs
Maxspool billet pushrods
Maxspool 184/215 cam
AFE bladerunner intake
Industrial Injection super phatshaft 64 turbo
3 pc exhaust manifold
ARP studded and O Ringed head

As far as suspension goes i have a set of traction bars as well as suspension stops ill be using for the pull. i will also ditch my 35s for my 285/75R16 good year duratracs to pull with. I have 3.55 gearing and an NV5600. transmission.

My truck defuels right around 3400-3500 RPM so i dont have a LOT of RPM to play with. ive also noticed with my truck that my turbo has a BAD case of chuffing right between 20 and 30 psi whether im empty or hooked to a trailer. However once i get past 30 psi its fine again - not sure what thats all about. My exhaust temps at WOT empty are also between 1400 and 1500 deg.

Anyway as far as what ive told you guys - unless im missing vital needed info - whats gonna be the best way to set up my truck for pulling in an 8000 lb class and whats gonna be my best gear/range to pull in.

Like i said, this is first time so the more info you guys can give me the better off ill be. If im missing needed info let me know and ill get that asap to ya.

Thanks guys!
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What are you pulling?

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a sled?
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disclaimer never hooked so take any info FWIW: I have talked to several pullers who where willing to share. Some really competitive some not so much. Front tires you will want to lower pressure. Less on the driver side. In the 20 psi range. Rear in the 40. To much you will get hop. hop break parts. if it starts to hop just clutch it unless you like replacing driveline parts and tail shafts in the 6 speed. several friends tried to pull through it with bad results. The south bend won't take a lot of this. Most with pulling clutches would say build some boost and then start to take off but not fully let out of the clutch till about 70's feet. I doubt your South Bend will survive that. Guys with lots of power like to pull on the high side. you probably have some power but not enough to go on the high side unless your setup spools your turbo very quickly. I would say 3 or 4 on the low side being first hook. That is what most of my friend that have done it with to start out. With more hooks they figured out what it could do. Probably don't want to put your edge on kill. If you aren't using all the fuel you are just building heat that hurts you motor. DO NOT TURN OF YOUR ENGINE IMMEDIATLY AFTER YOUR HOOK IS DONE. Let you turbo, oil and coolant cool. Some of my friend let them run for 10-15 minutes after a hook, they want to see they pyro down in the 200's for several minutes before they shut off. I'm Jealous, I have yet to have the ***** to do it yet.
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I know this thread is old, but what were your results? Did you pull in low or high range? give us some details. I've pulled for 4 or 5 years, but only 1 a year, so I'm looking to see how everyone else does.
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