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#10 Plate and heavy towing

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Question #10 Plate and heavy towing

Who has a #10 plate a set of higher horse power injectors and towing a travel trailer or 5th Wheel and other loads? Where do you have the fuel plate set? Do you have the AFC set full forward and no spring tension or do you have some smoke control? I have the #10 plate set forward of center a set of DDP stage 2 inj. and the AFC back alittle from full forward and the 215hp spring adjusted a little from full loose for smoke control. I just got back from towing the our 5th wheel to see what the egt's would be. Trying to get up to the speed limit of 70mph the egt's would climd to 1200 degrees pretty easy, once the speed was reached towing temps was 1000 drop to 65mph temps would drop to 850. Does this seem normal. Should I set the #10 plate in the center, try to find a #11 plate or put the stock plate in and set it forward? I know I am in need of a better breathing turbo to help keep the egt's down. Do I need to back the plate some? Would like to here what you have done.

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I don't tow, but I think your basic question is "is my set up too hot and if so, how can I change it?". That can be fairly easily answered, but I know what you're asking trying to match up to someone else.

I'll assume you have an automatic tranny and a good filter/exhaust and a stock turbo. If you want to lower your temps more I would slide the #10 plate back a bit to start (about 0.5 mm). Also check where the governor arm hits on the plate. If it starts too high, you will have too much fuel before the boost comes on and this will create heat early. Starting lower on the plate will allow less fuel down low and you can build boost to burn it. Another way to control the pre-boost fueling is to tighten up the star wheel (more compression on the spring) to make it harder to move the AFC foot forward until the boost comes up. This will control the smoke (and heat) on take off. You can use this as fine tuning or slide the AFC cover for more coarse control.

In the end, you temps of 1200 at 70 mph to get it going and cruising temps of 850 really sound good. What boost are you seeing at that 1200 temp? Unless you are exceeding 30-35# you are also still very safe

Unless you are more worried or will tow into the mountains, you could leave everything where it is and be safe. Sounds like a great setup and if you drive it by the numbers (EGT, boost) you won't get into trouble.
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good write up Paul, ill agree that the most important adjustment while towing is the aneroid, get it right and you're set. never had a 10 but i towed with a #100 and the temps would only climb to 1200 if i was trying to get it there with a stock turbo.
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Thanks for the replies.
Paul your reply was right on and here is what I have done since posting.
The truck is a 5 speed and yes I do need to show this. Well the boost was around 32psi and if I kept my foot in the throttle the temps would have kept climbing so the 1200 degrees was letting off the throttle and then gradually gaining speed. I am taking the family to Branson in a couple of weeks and there are some pretty good hills. When I was running a #11 plate egt's were always okay while running the hills and the long grades between Cheyenne and Casper on I25.
I just finished backing the plate back .040". As of right now I can put a 10mm allen between the plate housing and the front of the plate aproximately .390". I did adjust the gov. arm to start more at the bottom of the foot even though were it was hitting wasn't to bad but it could have cause alittle higher egt's from take off. I do have the afc housing set back from full forward and the spring tension is loose in that I can move the spring, but there is some adjustment there. I will test drive an adjust as needed.
Again thanks for the replies and please respond if you think that adjusting the plate and its distance from the housing to the front of the plate sounds okay. My marking of stock from years ago was not very good so I am guessing on stock position.
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Best way to control the heat is to pull those DDP2's and send them to me...
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