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How large of a trailer can I tow?

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I would hate to see that Ticket! A guy I worked with was pulling a backhoe with a 3500 didn't have a CDL didn't have the backhoe boomed down had some blocks on the trailer not strapped. The DOT could repave alot of I-40 with what he paid and should! Stupidity like that is what gives people that haul with pickups a bad name. When someone hears about a pickup wrecking with a backhoe they don't here about the driver being to stupid to boom it down! They just here the pickup had to much on it!

One question then I will drop this. How does adding an extra tire up the axle rating? And the truck rides the best with about 3000lbs pin weight. I haul anywhere from 26000lbs to 29000lbs. gross but the tags jump from 26000lb tags to 32000lb none in between.

Rusty I hate to think of this as a heated discussion I like to think of it as Spirited!

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This is all very interesting as I am seriously considering getting into the hauling business with my 3500 SRW. I definitely will be going back to at least the stock tires with an "E" rating for the load handling capability plus better fuel mileage. Can I get a stock size tire with a higher than "E" rating? I'm only planning on pulling a 16,000 trailer max so I don't have to pay IFTA tax and if things go well, I will get a dually in a couple of years and get a bigger trailer but my truck is paid off and that's what I'm using. I'm just planning on being conservative until I see how things will work out.
I went to the Dodge site and according to their towing guide, a 3500 SRW has the same towing capacity as a DRW. The only difference being if it is an HO or SO. Now if I put a fueling box on my truck, and make the same or better power than an HO, could I get my truck recertified to haul the higher load? I think it's about 2500lb difference in towing capacity.....
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Hauling over 26,000

I have a 2016 chevy 2500 crew cab long bed truck weighs 9000 with toolbox and everything in the back it says GCVW of 25,001 can I haul an object on my gooseneck if it weighs 20,000lb and if the trailer weigh around 6-9500lb (guessing) trailer weight and I would have my CDL and DOT numbers
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