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A/C Discharge Hose Cut by blown Serpentine Belt

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A/C Discharge Hose Cut by blown Serpentine Belt

2010 Dodge Laramie 3500 6-speed, 6.7 Cummins Diesel

So... the domino effect: the bearing went out on water pump which caused about 1/4" wide of the serpentine belt to shear off. It got caught on the fan and as it was whipped around, cut the A/C discharge hose (at the soft rubbery part). I was on the highway, pulling a horse trailer, fully loaded. Upon inspection under the hood, I found a "cut line" (And I thought it was a coolant line), debris wrapped around the cooing fan pulley, and 3/4 of my serpentine belt missing. I removed the extra pieces and the truck still started (water ran out underneath and a funny "neon yellow" fluid from the right side). We decided to drive to the parts store and get off of the highway. The truck drove 1.5 miles. The part store couldn't identify (and did not have) the cut line. I was able to splice it (thinking it was a coolant line), replace the water pump and serpentine belt and get back on the road. During the drive home, I realized that I had no A/C and no defrost. A little research of the part and I found that it was the A/C hose that had been cut in two. The system has no freon in it.

I took the truck to Dodge and they want over $800.00 in parts and labor to replace this line and recharge the A/C. I have found the part for less than $60.00 and have it. Now... wondering if anyone can tell me how to R&R it? I cannot find any documentation online and let's face it... I'm a graphic artist, a "starving artist" and this just doesn't come naturally to me. It appears to be a "bolt on item" two ends.. is it really going to be that simple? If so, any advice before I cost myself more money by attempting to do this myself?

I might add, this whole Dodge thing is new to me, having to purchase a truck while on the road hauling in Wyoming because my F350 hydro-locked, stranding me and my horses. I've had this truck for 6 months now and love it. The repairs I've faced have all been "wear and tear" and it's hauled us effortlessly up and down the highways for over 15,000 miles so far. I hope that I won't NEED this forum much in the future, but glad to have found it.
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Take it to a shop that does AC.... Replacing the hose is just the very tip of what needs to be done. There is an O ring on the ends of the hose that will need to be lubed with refrigeration oil. After the line is installed the system needs to be vacuumed out and left to sit to ensure there are no leaks, this also boils out any moisture that will have entered into the system. To do this you need a vacuum pump and a set of gauges plus a jug of Freon for the recharge. It really should be charged using a dial a charge as it needs a measured amount. And because the Freon was released quickly it will have carried out oil from the system so it really should have a couple of ounces of refrigeration oil added, this can be done with an oil injector or by manually adding when the hose is off. Welcome to the site.
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Sorry to hear about your situation, but kudos for the on-the-road repair job!
I agree w/Busboy (as usual), hate going to shops but an automotive AC repair place will be your best bet.
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Oh the joys of ownership. It happens. And never in the parking lot of a good shop or home in the driveway. It can happen to any vehicle. I would also take it to a good shop that does AC and not the dealer. It'll cost alot for you to get the tools needed and also not knowing all the little details, You ac will probably fail on you again if you dont.

A GOOD, emphasis on GOOD shop will also say that you need to replace the ac dryer. About a hundred bucks or so. By closing up that line, you did yourself a big favor stopping any more moisture intake. If there is any bit of moisture in there, it will freeze at the orifice and block it. A GOOD shop will always replace that if the system is ever opened. A GOOD shop will also flush it with nitrogen. Ask them about both of those things.
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