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#100 plate grind

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#100 plate grind

I have searched for dimensions on a #100 plate grind. I have found pictures of the plate. But nothing related to measument. Does anyone have rough numbers on how much to take off of a stock plate to get to a #100?? Where do you want your governor arm to hit on a #100 plate?

And I am running a #8 plate completely forward now. How will a #100 plate compare completely back, middle, or completely forward to my current #8 plate?

Thanks a bunch...!!!

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PM Northslope

and help a fellow DTR member. But if you must, look up the thread started by gunracer1, on how to grind your own plate. the best thing to do is grind a J curve, but i got mine from northslope, ill put pics in the gallery later..

In comparison to your current plate. HOLD ON NELLY!! :-o!! That 100 is a very aggressive plate in full forward mode, it is totally useable and streetable tho, except your egts climb up there very high, and your stock clutch will not hold it. I know i have a 100 plate that i removed for that very reason. I dont want to risk transmission work, nor a clutch as of yet. if i was gonna run a 100 daily and hard, just for insurance id get a very good clutch and an input shaft Dont let me discourage you from it, if ud like try it, i did and i loved it... The 100 has no defueling after a certain rpm so your smoke and egts climb rapidly but ur truck will run really hard. With yours as well you might or might not need delivery valves, I know if you get 370s (injectors) taht you will to avoid the stutters it has..

Best of luck and glad ur enjoyin the ram dave.

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Ya know the beauty of a 12 valve is you can have'er BOMBED and still drive it like a 79 vw diesel rabbit all the while controlling it with your right foot!

ps thanks again TX!!!!!!!
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Theres the man right above^^^^ Hey Northslope check the sig. It runs good now that I got the clutch in. I have the Gov arm set to hit right at the tip. It dosent go under. Sound good? I think if I find time, Im gonna slide it forward some this weekend. I came off of a #5 plate, which was pretty aggressive, and I think I have more top end power now.
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Glad the plate is workin out for you and you will probably go more if not full forward just a matter of finding that sweet spot
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