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Gumout: Behind the scenes- a product review.

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Gumout: Behind the scenes- a product review.

Good day, ladies and gentlemen of the DTR!

This is rather late in getting to the forum (I had to deploy unexpectedly and the internet isn't great in the middle east), but better late than never.

On the 6th of June, the folks at Gumout sent me and a host of other representatives from major Internet Brand websites to Columbus, Ohio to visit the research and development area of
Transportation Research Center (TRC) to see what really goes on behind the scenes with their testing. If you have a second, check out the link- it's an incredible facility. I was very impressed at the professionalism of the staff and how well the area was run- no questions about the authenticity of any results.

This demonstration was for Gumout's product 'One and Done' specifically, however, other products were discussed while we were there.

To be honest, I've always felt lukewarm about fuel additives off the shelf; get one every now and then, or if you have a problem, pour a crap load in to try to unstick an injector, but I've never really trusted the claims made on the front of the bottle. I was skeptical about what was going to happen, but hey- I'll take a free vacation to Columbus! (they told me I would be able to do burnouts in the test van.) For the record, this thread is about gas specific additives for now- I brought up our concerns as diesel folks as far as lubrication, water separation or emulsifying and emissions equipment (DPF, SCR, etc) protection, after the conversations that I had with them, they know what they're doing. (They're A LOT smarter than me, in other words )

From the beginning, it was a professional show. The staff from IB and Gumout met us at the hotel and briefed us on the upcoming events, then loaded us into a chartered van to take us to the testing facility. On the way, we stopped at a random Autozone and purchased a bottle of Gumout One and Done- we walked into the store and made sure it was an off the shelf bottle.

Once we arrived at TRC, they gave us an overview of the testing facility with some statistics. After the brief and a tour, we were taken to the actual testing area and shown the test car, a 2012 Hyundai Sonata. This car was purchased from a used car lot specifically for this test. The car met standards for average miles for the average American vehicle in this class.

The mechanics removed the head from the engine, removed all of the valves, and measured predetermined points on the pistons and intake and weighed the valves. Everything they showed us was measured with one of three ATSM standards (ASTM D5500, D5598 and D6201) and tested by an independent company- no fake results. Once all of the measurements were taken, we wrote our name on the engine block and the mechanics put the car back together. After a few hours, the car was reassembled, the One and Done additive was added to the tank, and the car was driven on the test track overnight for the full tank of fuel at varying speeds (determined by the ATSM test applicable to this procedure).

The next morning, the car pulled into the shop after a long night of driving and was disassembled again- the difference on the hard parts was immediately visible. The same tests preformed the day before were done again, we were given all of the statistics- some of us actually took readings and preformed some of the measurements. The pictures don't do it justice...

Once I returned home, I used 'One and Done' on the my wife's truck, a 2008 Dodge Mega with the 5.7 Hemi. It's been pretty well taken care of (considering my OL's right foot is heavier than mine and she likes to make the pipes sing), and there is about 150k on the clock. After a few days, I noticed a difference in overall performance and a slight MPG gain. The engine was also running noticeably smoother. The catch on this- I didn't tell her that I was putting it in, and she mentioned to me that her truck was running better and wanted to know if I had done anything to it... Not just wishful thinking! (She's a pretty handy redneck chick- she can turn a wrench.)

I'm a believer in 'One and Done' as well as Gumout's other products after seeing first hand the amount of testing they put into ensuring a good product goes out the door.

I know I already wrote a book, but I still have a lot to talk about. If you're interested in more, post below and I'll do my best to answer any questions.


Sonata’s cylinder heads and fuel injectors

Valves and Valve Sets Before and After Gumout

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Great evaluation and report Mark!


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