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HighTen 09-30-2018 11:14 PM

Thoughts on Greenball’s (relatively) New All-Steel Trailer Tire?
Through my searching on this forum, the latest information I could find on Greenball tires was from 2008. Since then (2016?), it looks like they've started making a 15 inch, all-steel 12 ply trailer tire. Anyone have any experience with them? They any better than all the other trailer tires I've blown out over the years?

john40 10-06-2018 01:16 PM

My son in law was having problems with his 225/75/15 tires on his 30' fifth wheel. He replaced these tires with 225/75/16 load range E tires and has not had any problems since. He bought the 16" rims at for about $45.00 each, with free shipping. This increased the wheel diameter about 1" and was not a problem with clearance. I ran Michelin XPS Rib all steel tires on my 10,000# fifth wheel for years without any problems, not even a flat. I wouldn't run Chinese tires on anything.

BarryG 10-08-2018 10:51 AM

Greenball have never been thought of as high quality ST tires. If they have changed great that would be good news. Last year I switched from Rainer Tires (oem on the trailer) to the Goodyear ST Endurance Tires that came out about 2 years ago.. So far so good have about 5k on them so far on my 5er.. All reviews I have read have been good. I have had zero problems with them to date. Time will tell but again so far so good. Might be worth taking a look.

HighTen 10-08-2018 01:28 PM

Thanks for the replies. I'm in complete agreement that chinese ST tires should be avoided but I'm stuck with them for now. There isn't any vertical room on the trailer to go to 16" tires. As it is, with the 15" tires, there are already rub marks on the underside of the wheel wells. There would have to be major modifications to the frame where the leaf springs attach to get some extra height for larger tires to work.

I'll look into the Endurance - thanks BarryG. I didn't know about those.

1-2-3 01-16-2019 06:18 AM

I had a set. They started flying apart on the first trip. Greenball refused to honor the warranty. Complete garbage.

RobG 02-10-2019 12:54 PM

Garbage. I replaced my Carlisles with Greenballs and with fewer than 1000 miles on them, two started having sidewall bulges. I sold them all off cheap and put on Bridgestone truck tires and never looked back.

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