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  1. Remote start
  2. have major blow bye questions on engine rebiuld in store
  3. Want to be in the Guiness Book of World records with your truck?
  4. What's my truck worth here in Ontario?
  5. EGR/DPF delete and emission tests
  6. TDR Fall dyno day October 30 in Hamilton!
  7. summer 2011
  8. meeting of DTR here in ontario
  9. looking for moulding clips
  10. Cummins Invades Cayuga Dragway! Ontario! June 26!
  11. NADM in Ohio!!
  12. PCV Re-route..Should work on a Cummins..??
  13. TDR Fall Dyno day at Diesel Doctors in Georgetown! October 24!
  14. What is everyone up to?
  15. dyno meet diesel doctors
  16. Winter Check-in
  17. slow going here
  18. Fergus Truck Show
  19. diesel conversion in a Jeep J10
  20. Saturday March 29th Dyno Day, Ontario at Diesel Doctors
  21. Toronto Bio Diesel
  22. Any one sled pull or drag race?
  23. Canadian Race Tracks in Jeopardy
  24. 2008 meet
  25. Ontario Gathering?