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United States of the Offended

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United States of the Offended

With all this crap about a symbol of Southern heritage and any other stupid item that upsets people we ought to rename this country the USofO United States of the Offended.

Here is a quote from Robert D Rayford that sums it up perfectly

It's what the good ol' U.S. of A have become thanks to the panty-waisted touchy-feely liberal types who go out of their way looking for something to offend them, and get said panties in a knot when they find it. Hey, it's called the right to freedom of speech, ya horse's ***. Go check out the first ammendment. NOWHERE does it say that you have the right not to be offended. So quit calling for more tolerance and diversity training, and just learn to deal with it. Instead of trying to make us all overly sensitive, why the hell don't you go out and get a real job, and mind your own **** business.
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United States of the Offended-special-stupid.jpg  
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I gotta hang on to that.
The terms gay or same sex marriage is the latest to take a hit. It's just marriage now.
Maybe no more special treatment for the LGBT community now that we are all human beings?
I doubt it.
Comedy clubs will be next as all comedy pokes fun at someone or something.
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that pic is so true
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