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Gun control and mass shootings

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Gun control and mass shootings

Just read the following and am posting FWIW:

Memo to The Kiddie Crusaders: Do You Actually Know Anything About Guns?
By Don Feder
February 22, 2018

We get it: You're mad as hell and you're not going to take it anymore. Something must be done at once to keep you safe at school. It's all Donald Trump's fault. Led by the Pied Pipers of Soros (Oprah and Clooney) you're going to march on Washington and demand... what? A ban on AR-15s? To A ban on the NRA?

Before you go off half-cocked, do you actually know anything about guns? Of course, yours is a generation that believes in feelings instead of knowledge, slogans in place of logic.

But, just out of curiosity, see if you can answer the following basic questions (no cheating with Google):

1. What does the Second Amendment say? (Anyone? Anyone?) The 2nd. Amendment to the Constitution guarantees freedom of gun ownership. It's part of the Bill of Rights, one of the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution. James Madison, author of the Bill of Rights, considered it so important that he put it right after The First Amendment's freedoms of speech and religion. Point of information for those ignorant of history: The American revolution was sparked by gun control an attempt by the British to control the guns of New England farmers.

2. Does it refer to an individual or a collective right? The Amendment reads "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" In District of Columbia v. Heller (2008), the Supreme Court ruled that the amendment refers to an individual right

3. How many guns are in circulation in the United States? Just rough a number, please. More than 50 million? More than 100 million? Estimates vary, but it's generally believed that there are over 300 million guns of all kinds in private hands in this country. In a 2017 Pew Research Survey, 42% of Americans said they lived in a household with guns.

4. What percentage are used in crimes each year? Less than .004% (or less than four homicides per 100,000 guns). At the same time, according to data compiled by the FBI in 2013, guns were used to defend life or thwart crime 67,740 times that year, roughly 6 times the number of gun homicides. In 2017, an armed civilian and former NRA instructor stopped the massacre at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Spring, Texas, with an AR-15-style rifle (the type of gun the kids have targeted).

5. What's the difference between an automatic and a semi-automatic rifle? An automatic like a machinegun or M-16 as the name implies, fires automatically while the trigger is depressed. (For all practical purposes, you can't own one legally.) With a semi-automatic, like the AR-15 which was used in Parkland, the shooter has to keep pulling the trigger to fire off another round. To further muddy the waters, semi-automatics are often referred to as "military-style" or "assault weapons." Both are terms coined by the media to make the weapon sound scary. Military-style? The US military hasn't gone to war with a semi-automatic since 1917.

6. Which cities have the highest homicide rates? The four cities with the highest homicide rates per 100,000 residents are New Orleans (41.68 per 100,000), Detroit (43.82), Baltimore (55.37) and St. Louis (59.29) all controlled by Democratic machines, all with restrictive gun laws. Compare the foregoing to Waco, Texas (16.74 homicides per 100,000), South Bend, Indiana (16.79), Indianapolis (17.12), and Miami (17.14), all with relatively easy access to firearms.

7. Who funds the NRA? Bete noire of the knee-jerks, the NRA is a membership-based organization, probably the largest in the country, with more than 9 million members. It does receive money from gun manufacturers for its other activities, but under federal law that can't be used for campaign purposes. Politicians listen to the NRA not because of donations, but because the group represents millions of potential votes for or against a candidate.

8. When was it established to the nearest century? The NRA was founded in 1871 (in New York City, of all places), almost 100 years before the gun control debate began in earnest, at a time when gun control meant a steady aim. Even today, fighting restrictive gun laws is a small part of the NRA's operations. Nine presidents were NRA members, from Ulysses S. Grant to Donald Trump, and including JFK.

9. As gun ownership increased since 1970, did the homicide rate go up or down?Down way down. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (part of the DOJ), between 1993 and 2006, the rate of violent crime committed in this country (which includes robberies and assaults as well as homicides), fell 74%. But between 1993 and 2013, the number of privately owned guns soared from 185 million to 300 million. If guns cause crime, as Democrats contend, America should be awash in blood.

10. What role did the FBI play in the Marjorie Stone Douglas High School shootings? None other than screwing up big time. The Bureau could have prevented the murders from happening, but did nothing. On January 5, almost 6 weeks before the attack, it was contacted by someone described as close to the shooter. The Bureau admits it received information about "Cruz's gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of Cruz committing a school shooting." The warning was described as "specific and credible." All of the red flags were there. Protocol required that the tip be forwarded to its Miami field office for investigation. If that had happened, Cruz would have gotten a long-term lease on a padded cell and his 17 victims would be alive. Instead of following its own protocols, the FBI did nothing. In fairness to the Keystone Kops and Inspector Clouseaus, they were probably too busy bad-mouthing their president, chasing Russians and fornicating with each other to handle such a trivial matter.

11. Would any type of gun control have stopped the Parkland High School shooter? Short answer no. Long answer, again no. Nikolas Cruz was mentally ill (okay, he's a sicko), who should have been committed. That he wasn't is due to a failure of both law enforcement and the mental health profession. Still, he was never convicted of a crime (felony or misdemeanor) or committed to a mental institution prior to the shootings which would have disqualified him from buying a gun legally. Several of his guns were illegal, which means if he couldn't have obtained the AR-15 from a licensed dealer, he could have secured it in other ways

12. What is the real goal of gun control? Liberals love to carry on about America's "gun culture." Americans are assertive; Europeans are generally docile. If Europeans had a "gun culture," perhaps they wouldn't have had communism and fascism. Footnote: Monsters like Hitler and Stalin love a disarmed populace.

I wish the kid crusaders would acquaint themselves with a least a few of these facts. But they prefer screaming their outrage at anti-gun rallies, and mouthing the most inane slogans, to a discussion grounded in reality.

The children who are preparing to march on Washington were indoctrinated by their NEA-member teachers (products of schools of education) to believe that all social ills are the fault of Republicans, and gun crimes are due to lax laws encouraged by the NRA.

Garbage in, garbage out.

Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains a Facebook page.

The following story can be found on the GrassTopsUSA website at Don Feder: Memo to The Kiddie Crusaders: Do You Actually Know Anything About Guns?: GrassTopsUSA. Permission to reprint or quote this commentary on the Internet is granted provided you include a byline to Don Feder, attribution to GrassTopsUSA and link back to the article at the URL above.



February 21, 2018

As fun as it is to ridicule the FBI for devoting massive resources to chasing down Hillary Clinton's oppo research while blowing off repeated, specific warnings about school shooter Nikolas Cruz, we've put a lot on the agency's plate.

We're hauling in nearly 2 million manifestly unvetted Third World immigrants every year, leading to a slew of FBI "Watch Lists" with a million names apiece. In 2015, Director James Comey said that there were ISIS investigations in all 50 states -- even Idaho and Alaska! And that's just one terrorist organization.

Maybe the FBI brass would still be a bunch of incompetent, PC nincompoops if we weren't dumping millions of psychotic and terrorist foreigners on the country. But even the most efficient organization would have trouble keeping track of the Nikolas Cruzes when our immigration policies require approximately one-third of the country to be constantly watching another third of the country.

Thanks to our Second Amendment, the United States has fewer mass shootings per capita than many other developed countries, including Norway, France, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium and the Czech Republic. (And 98 percent of our mass shootings occur in "gun-free zones.")

But imagine if we could cut our mass shootings in half?

There have been about 34 mass shootings since 2000. Forty-seven percent -- 16 -- were committed by first- and second-generation immigrants, i.e. people who never would have been here but for Teddy Kennedy's 1965 immigration act.

And the immigrant mass shootings have been some of the most spectacular ones, such as Fort Hood and San Bernardino. Two of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history, at Virginia Tech in 2007 and at the Pulse Nightclub in 2016, were committed by first- and second-generation immigrants, i.e., people who were in this country because Teddy was pouting in his room and refused to come out until he got his own legacy.

(Excluded from both lists: the Las Vegas shooting, because law enforcement has released nothing but lies about it, so that shooting remains unclassifiable; family dispute shootings; targeted assassinations of police officers; and shootings on Indian reservations.)

Here's the list of immigrant mass shootings, defined as a shooting at the same general time and location, not during the commission of another crime, that leaves at least four people dead -- i.e. no gangland shootings, no "man kills family, then self" and no drug deals gone bad.

On account of the Rule of Journalism that permits the word "immigrant" to be used only in sentences with the word "valedictorian," you may not have heard of some of these mass shootings at all.

1) Omar Mateen, son of Afghan immigrants, killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando on June 12, 2016.

2) First- and second-generation Pakistani immigrants Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik opened fire at a community center Christmas party in San Bernardino, California, on Dec. 2, 2015, killing 14 people.

3) English immigrant Christopher Harper-Mercer killed 9 people at Umpqua Community College in southwest Oregon on Oct. 1, 2015.

4) Kuwaiti immigrant Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez shot and killed five people in attacks on two military installations in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on July 16, 2015.

5) Second-generation Malaysian immigrant Elliot Rodger killed six people on May 23, 2014, around the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

6) Second-generation immigrant John Zawahri opened fire at his Southern California home and later at the campus of Santa Monica College on June 7, 2013, killing five in all. (The New York Times never mentioned that he was the child of Lebanese immigrants. The Times didn't even mention that his father used to beat up his mother, despite that paper's usual heightened interest in stories about men being mean to women.)

7) Cuban immigrant Pedro Alberto Vargas fatally shot six people in his apartment complex in Hialeah, Florida, on July 26, 2013.

8) Probable Barbadian immigrant Aaron Alexis shot and killed 12 people inside the Washington Navy Yard on Sept. 16, 2013. (See this.)

9) South Korean immigrant One L. Goh opened fire at Oikos University in Oakland, California, killing seven people on April 2, 2012.

10) Mexican immigrant Eduardo Sencion shot up an IHOP in Carson City, Nevada, on Sept. 6, 2011, killing four people -- three National Guardsmen and a 67-year-old woman.

11) Second-generation immigrant Nidal Malik Hasan, son of Palestinian immigrants, killed 13 people at Fort Hood, Texas, on Nov. 5, 2009.

12) Vietnamese immigrant Jiverly Wong shot up the Binghamton, New York, American Civic Association on April 3, 2009, killing 13.

13) Bosnian immigrant Sulejman Talovic fatally shot five people at the Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City on Feb. 12, 2007.

14) Seung-Hui Cho, a South Korean immigrant, slaughtered 32 people at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007.

15) Hmong immigrant Chai Soua Vang killed six hunters in northern Wisconsin on Nov. 21, 2004.

16) Mexican immigrant Salvador Tapia shot up the Windy City Core Supply warehouse in Chicago in 2003, killing six of his former co-workers.

If you missed your favorite immigrant mass shooting, please note that I excluded Jamaican immigrant Colin Ferguson (Long Island Railroad massacre in 1993); Nigerian immigrant Peter Odighizuwa (Appalachian School of Law shooting in 2002); Haitian illegal immigrant Kesler Dufrene (North Miami shooting in 2012); and Nigerian immigrant Henry Williams Obotetukudo (Bronx-Lebanon Hospital shooting in 2017). We are only counting mass shootings since 2000 that left at least four people dead.

First- and second-generation immigrants have committed more than 40 percent of all mass shootings since 2000. I know we've been admitting Third World immigrants at a breakneck pace, but I don't think immigrants make up nearly half the population yet.

Once we exclude the immigrant mass shooters, a clearer pattern emerges. The typical American perpetrator is a young man with paranoid schizophrenia -- or, as we're now euphemistically calling it, "autism" -- probably exacerbated by pot, a deadly combo platter.

An immigration moratorium and widespread deportations would not only cut mass shootings in half, but it would also free up the FBI's time to focus on these delusional young men with the terrifying stare, who hear voices no one else hears.

Young men like Nikolas Cruz.

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