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The "What happend to last week?" Breakroom Dec 10-16, 2017

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Dang need a Clone!

Be careful how you ask for one though, I wished real hard for one while rubbing a old lamp and Got a Clown instead! Now you all know the story of how Scotty came to be

Ol-Dodge...sounds like a lot of work but at least you found the u-joints the easy way
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Originally Posted by Ol-dodge 1992 View Post

And also learned that I have a limited slip rear end ... I assume this based upon the fact the the rear tires spin in different directions when rotated by hand.

Fresh pot of Tim's coffee on
If the tires spin in different directions when you spin them and the truck is jacked up in the air, it means you have an open rear end.
If they spin in the SAME direction you have a LSD rear axle.
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Thank you Oliver... I need all the help I can get.

Brought in 10 fresh Tim's coffees, creamer, and sugar... an assorted dozen donuts... Tim's is having a holiday special up here now ... the sausage biscuits are $1 if you buy a coffee so help yourself to ONE of the biscuits... you guys remember what mama said "Share and share alike"

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Well ..... I see the sausage biscuits and to go coffe was such a smashing success I think I'll do it again for you guys tomorrow morning

Let's see ... I'll use my dirty socks as coffe filters... I'll leave the cream out all night so it will be more like cottage cheese in the morning... definitely use Folgers coffe in the morning from waaaayyyu back in the back of the cupboard...
Then to top it off I'll get one of my wife's scented candles (warm cinnamon bun) lite it so the aroma gently wafts out the door but instead of the buns all that will be on the counter is ....????


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