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Short week breakroom, June 13 to 16

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Short week breakroom, June 13 to 16

What happened? It is hump day and no new breakroom? This must be unprecedented. Why? How 'bout some of you guys and gals making some suggestions as to how to make the breakroom a lively and fun place like it used to be years ago.

Did not make coffee or phoo as I did not want to waste it. In their place is a bottle of instant coffee and instant ph00. You boil your own water. You do know how to boil water without burning it, don't you?

Dusted off the dragon and swept the place out. The dragon is lonely, so stayed here for a while and savored a cuppa instant coffee. Not bad.

The rainy season has finally arrived. It started Sunday evening with lots of thunder and lightening and then a deluge. Flooding in some areas of the country. Every morning is nice and fresh and clean with lots of sun, but by late afternoon it clouds over again and rains. This is typical for the rainy season down here. This morning so far no sun, just very cloudy and a drizzle. It is really a nice change from every day being almost cloudless and bright blue skies.

Off to enjoy this cloudy day and then later this afternoon a "delightful" visit to my dentist.
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Hey Stan - - - good idea - - - instant coffee and ph00. Several flavors could be available, make your own. YEH, I like that. No waste, no stink of burned coffee.

Just pulled into our first destination in Tenn. late this afternoon. Off to a banquet for dinner and just got to our condo. Easy day tomorrow - - off to a supper and show at Dolly Partons in the night. Big breakfast Friday morning, then head for the tree house in NC Saturday. Whew, long day driving yesterday - - too long. Tough getting out of car with hurting back from all the work this past two months. Gotta get that worked out.

Hey, made a ph00 and out of here - - hitting sack early tonight.
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Hot Coffee and Phoo are made along with a delightful mix of pastries and fruit for your enjoyment.
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Let the dragon out and aired out the place.

Coffee is on the counter. I am making a black tea and I am outta here.

Another great day of weather here in VT..
Maybe my daughter and I will get out and "wash a few lures" later this afternoon. Last weekend she caught more brook trout than dad did.
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