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Scammer phone calls

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Scammer phone calls

So, I, like most of the poor folks in the good old USA receive several hundred calls a month from robo callers, scammers, telemarketers, etc, and in the last year or two, I've saved about 800 phone numbers which are "blocked" from ringing on my phone. THey still go to voicemail, but at least my phone doesn't ring.

So, tonight, I'm sitting at my computer, and a local cell number comes up, and I answer the phone, thinking it's a business inquiry from a potential customer.

Guy says " hi there. You just called this number, and hung up. Did you want something ?

I reply back...

"Uh.. I haven't dialed out at all today, other than my wife and I don't know what you're talking about."

He replies back...

"These *&&^***$%% Scammers ! Here I am thinking you are calling me, and I call you back, and it's one of these horrible #&#^%%@& using your number to represent a local caller....

I asked him if they said anything, or left a message, and he said no.

Anyone else having their phone number being used as a "caller id" to scam someone else ? I know they use "false" numbers, but I didn't know they could use a legitimate number to be represented on someone's caller ID.

First I've ever heard of this. You ?
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I've heard of it, and I've had someone text me telling me I called them...

It's out of control. I get a boat load of calls on my house phone. I wish I could find out where these people are...
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Common practice they spoof real numbers to hide their own....I got rid of my land line because they purpose it filled was a conduit for hundreds of calls from spammers every month.

At least on the cell we can block numbers but like you say they can still leave a voice mail and they just change numbers.
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I received two this morning.
one posing as the Canada Revenue Agency. A couple questions for them and they hung up.
the other was froma remote town in my
province. Didnít answer, no voicemail either
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I've been getting calls claiming to be from the CDC.
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If you own a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) (coupla hundred on fleabay) and a trunk line with CID, (not much more than a POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) line, and your provider is careless and doesn't block outgoing caller ID's (Assigned by your PBX), you can put any number on the call you wish for an ID.

I accidentally assigned the number for a risque bar to an accounting gal one time. Caught a little **** for that goof.

The solution, as I see it, is for our regulators to put out a rule with teeth that the providers have to properly block unassigned ID's. That one simple move would totally block bogus caller ID usage.

Meanwhile, it's a free for all. To track a call, you have to hang up and dial a code into your phone. After 2 or 3 of the same caller (they're switching ID's so how would you know) you can have the phone company turn over the traces to a LEO. You will be billed a technical fee for the service unless it's ordered by a court.

It is normal and acceptable for you to be royally PO'd about the whole thing.
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