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Get the UN out of America movement.

Old 11-22-2004, 07:32 AM
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Get the UN out of America movement.

Here is something some of you may be interested in:

There is also another movement (sorry, don't have the address) to get rid of the ACLU which is destroying so much of America.
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Old 11-22-2004, 07:58 PM
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ACLU? The American Crappy Liberal's Union?

I like the idea of the US getting out of the UN. That's exactly what I was thinking when Bush went to the UN before Gulf War II asking them for help and they said, "Hell no!" Bush wanted to start up a posse to go find the suckers and he ended up going hunting by himself! What kinda freedom fighting organization is that? 3000 people killed in 1 day...sounds like war to me!

What I don't like is signing my name to something when I don't know who is gonna have access to my info...stinkin telemarketers and pollsters!
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Old 11-22-2004, 11:51 PM
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The UN has it's uses, most notably "police actions". What the UN should be doing is stopping stuff like genocide. It should be no single countries responsibility to prevent genocide, and it isn't a sinle country's right to uphold their morals in another country, either. However, if a group of countries decide to start a "police action" and stop genocide, than it is credible and in the right. This is what the UN was established to do and should be doing; this is what it is good for.

Recently, the UN has decided to start trying to influence it's member's foreign policy decisions... This is not reason to leave the UN, we just don't have to listen to them. They can yell at us all they want, we don't have to listen- actually, having a bunch of European women yell at me with those hot little accents kind of turns me on...
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Old 11-23-2004, 12:10 AM
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Before I make my comment, let me say that I personally think that the UN is brood of vipers, criminals, out for their own gain and very anti-American.

That being said, if the US were to in fact leave the UN and not be a part of it, I am afraid that the stage would be set for the UN to start sanctions and efforts agains the US with no veto power from the US. It is not quite a simple as kicking them out. To accomplish that, I believe that they must be disbanded such as the League of Nations.
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Old 11-27-2004, 01:35 PM
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Hey, I missed this one! This working for a living sucks.

The UN was a great idea, but for too long now have been pussyfooting around the real world problems. It is truly a toothless organization and those chose to defy it see no real consequences.

I agree with Haulin', it's time has passed. It will be much easier to start again than to try to overhaul this camel. You do know what a camel is right? It's a horse designed by a government committee.

The UN shouts and fumes and postures, but doesn't do much. Those who wish to oppose it do so without any fear of reprisal, those who don't have the cajones to do what is right hide behind its skirts. (see: Jean Chretien)

While an organization of this type is definitely a great idea, it must be designed so that it has real power. Its leaders must be leaders. With vision, morals and fortitude. Having said that, it is currently the only game in town, so hard decisions should be made. Members should heed its advice and decisions, but to ask that, it must make decisions and not spend so much time straddling fences that its (edit by poster) shrivel up and fall off.

As long as all of the members keep only protecting their own selfish interests, and not truly looking at the big picture of what is good for the world as opposed to good for "me" there is unfortunately, IMHO, no place or purpose for the UN. Get rid of the bearaucrats, diplomats and B.S. political appointees who are there for the prestige, glory and fat pensions and fill the place with some people of vision with common sense and maybe we'll get what we wanted when it was started all those years ago.

It was right after the second "War to end all wars" after all. It sure has done well, hasn't it?
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Old 11-27-2004, 02:24 PM
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During the talks to decide what type of government the US would have, the discussion was between the Republic type of government and the Democracy type of government.

Franklin said that a democracy is two wolves and a sheep, voting on what to have for supper. The US was built with a Representative Republic. To avoid this problem. The UN today fits the scenereo that Franklin discribed.

It is a oft forgotton fact that America is a Republic, not a democracy. If we had a full democracy, the wealthy would be forced to work for peanuts while the poor are supported. Of course soon there would be no wealthy and the nation would fail.

So a Republic was crafted where these poor decisions of the masses can be offset to keep America prosperous. We seem to be moving closer and closer to a full democracy where the have-nots rule.
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