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Hi from LA

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Hi from LA

Hi All,

I'm new to the Cummins community and live in LA. I got t-boned in my 2006 GMC Sierra 1500 (gasser) almost four weeks ago by a guy who ran a red light (it was red for 6 seconds!). He never even touched the brakes and his little Nissan Versa hit me square in the passenger doors at 35-40 mph. Good news - everyone walked away. Bad news - My truck is done. I bought it new and had lovingly and thoughtfully upgraded it for the past 11.5 years. I told my wife the weekend before the accident, "I love my truck. It's got another 100,000+ miles in it. I'll never want/need another truck again!" Famous last words, right!?!? Final word on the accident - the other guy was a complete jerk to me and told everyone at the scene that it was my fault. Then, the auto body shop owner on the corner came up to me and told me that his surveillance camera had captured the entire accident on HD video! Instant Karma. The police watched it and laughed at the other guy.

After spending quite a bit of time looking around and researching for the past few weeks, I find myself really drawn to the Dodge 1st Gen club cab W250 ('92-'93) with the 12V Cummins. I've learned a lot about them in the past few weeks and have even visited a few folks in Southern CA with them. I get why you all love these Cummins trucks.

My truck is my only cage (that's motorcycle talk for a car/truck) so I'm still trying to figure out if I can make a comfortable 1st Gen (a little quieter inside, decent ride). I've found some great threads here about those very subjects and hope i can work it out. I still need to find a truck, though.

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Welcome to the site! Good to hear your accident didn't have any more serious consequences.
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Spend the extra $$ and buy the cleanest 1st Gen you can afford, most likely from out west or Florida.

Then become friends with Ollie, and you're good,to go.
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