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$4.00 plus a gallon!!!!!

Old 03-13-2008, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by dodgeguy71 View Post
I like listening to the news when they talk about filling up their gassers and how much it's hurting at the pump....they seem oblivious to the fact that diesel is what 60 cents higher than gas....and what does diesel do?? Power farm equipment, ships, trucks. Yeah, it's getting pretty crazy, something like 3.82 around here. Everytime I drive past the stations on the way home from work seems like diesel has gone up another 10 cents. Keeps on going I see some hard times ahead for all. Can anybody say Anwar??
At what point will this Country realize that it runs on #2.

High diesel prices =
More farmers out of work so less jobs
Less owner operators in the trucking industry
Higher cost of goods
Less Construction

Oh and lets not forget that the truck that delivers the gas runs on Diesel.

Soon we will be hearing that another gas truck was robbed instead of the corner store.
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Diesel fuel tracks with the futures market, similar to gasoline. If you look at heating oil futures(simialr to diesel), add $.60 for taxes, you have todays price.
It was $3.07 in the paper this morning. Diesel runs about $3.75 nationally, I think.
It also takes 1.55 dollars to buy a Euro. The $ has sunk more in the last 2 years, time wise, than at any point in our lives, maybe the history of this country. This also drives up fuel/oil/diesel costs
Interesting article about this in Car & Driver this month. The refineries in this country are optimized for gasoline, with cracking towers. this means a lot more gasoline, less diesel. In Europe. no cracking. They are more diesel oriented, because govenments there subsidize diesel. I think over 50% of their cars are diesel. They do not have the same emissions requirements that
we have. They end up exporting gas to us, as a result
Bottom line: Fuel(heating) oil demand, jet fuel demand, diesel demand, all similar stuff. All are up!!
Demand is up so cost is higher, across the board, around the world.
Prices will not come down until there is World recession, diminishing demand.
Until then, we cry in our beer.

If there is a conspiracy, it is our Country's Balance of payments, trade imbalance, lack of realistic energy plan. We have extended Day light saving.
That will fix everything!
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In the paper here today it looks like they are going to dig some test wells.
In our own country.


It seems they have to please the waco environments first, I think it is time they put that aside and take care of the main problem they have created.

Would you rather pay $4.00 for a gallon of diesel or pay less if you had to look at some derricks?

As far back as I can remember I would see oil derricks as I drove through the hills on the way to the beach. and used to go and park at the beach to neck and watch the towers all lit up on the horizon I liked them. There are still some along the I-57 fwy and Tonner Canyon.

I am living by what used to be the largest Toxic Waste dump in the nation and out of that they are extracting the methane gas and generating their own power so some good can come from the ugly.

Heck we are all going to die from the pharmaceuticals in our drinking water before we die from looking at an oil well.

And isn't it odd that this seems to be nation wide. Maybe it is a plot like the fluoride they put in our water without our say.



Just my opinion.
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