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Double Coin tires.

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Double Coin tires.

I can't find a dealer in Alberta. Id like to give them a try if they really are cheap enough. I'm nit putting them on anything commercial. Just my personal junk. A set of 19.5s for my 450, and a set for my freightliner. It needs a new set before inspection.
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Luke, if you don't already know, Double Coin's are made in china. Made by the same plant that makes Wanli, GT Radial, Sunny, and several other odd-ball names. IF you are lucky, they will be somewhat round. Don't expect them to last very long as they will wear 2 to 3 times faster that a namebrand tire.

One thing that I am seeing around here is that the Chinese tires are not that much cheaper in price than the inexpensive name brands.
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I for one don't skimp on my tires, I do shop for the best price. That little contact patch that on the road is all you got.
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The harvester I worked for two years ago was buying cheap FOC (fresh outta china) tires through a co-op for the header trailers and they wouldn't run 250 miles before the cords came apart. These were a name-brand tire, Hankook or something of the sort. Yet the used, shorter, lower-load-rated tires we bought on the way through Valentine ran over 300 miles, on the same axles and wheels, that were being blamed for the FOC tires blowing out, before I parted ways with them.
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They are junk, but if they are not going to be hauling anything you should be fine. We tried them on some of our trucks and they burned of super quick, and none of the tire dealers I deal with would give me a casing credit for them because they won't recap them.
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You might want to look at Kuhmo's.They have a pretty ok rep here with truckers and rv folks.They are from Korea.
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My buddy who runs cross country had a set from his co and they lasted about a month before the tread started to separate. As in what another poster said, the shop wouldn't even credit him due to they wouldn't recap them. His co quit carrying them. So much for that bargain price.
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Fair enough, thanks for the response. Kal Tire is a major chain around here.
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the only people i have seen who say they like their double coin tires are the corral cleaners up here, they're almost always overloaded, continuous stop and go driving but its very rarely highway miles so they seem to last decent enough for them..... not sure if that really helps but they will last if your lucky haha

Also, i put a set of kelly drive tires on my KW last fall, they ride a little rougher than the expensive stuff will but they are a good traction tire and are relatively cheap, i dont know about road noise due to my straight pipes and they have served my neighbor well enough as driver tires on his pete pulling super b's that he bought another set....

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We are running Double Coin rlb800's on one of our interface/type 3 fire engines. I can't speak to wear as our apparatus doesn't see much mileage, but for traction, they are pretty hard to beat. EXTREMELY agressive- that's why we got them.
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