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2013 RAM 2500 UConnect Software Update - NEED HELP!

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2013 RAM 2500 UConnect Software Update - NEED HELP!

What A Nightmare!

I noticed that UConnect released a new UConnect Software Update for my truck. I have done an update previously and had issues, but thought I would attempt it again to take advantage of the new iPhone functionality and hands free features.

My First Attempt:
In April or May of this year I downloaded the latest update to load on my truck. The download to the USB was not an issue and the installer loaded just fine to start updating the current software version. The update preceded to the last few units but then failed with a Wireless Air Card error while attempting to install the bolo file. The install was in an endless loop and would start over only to fail at the same spot every time.

I was forced to call UConnect who instructed me to wait until 1% on the first unit install and to quickly pull the USB drive. This would restart or reset the system. The system did indeed boot and I was able to continue with full functionality.

Current Attempt (Dec 2017):
I pulled the latest update from the UConnect website last week. I created the USB drive and begin the update. Again, the install failed at the Wireless Air Card like before (bolo file failed to install) as it created another endless loop.

The next morning, I had to charge the battery due to the system not shutting off during the night. I also used the remote start to warm up the truck prior to heading to work. Much to my surprise, the UConnect system had reset itself and everything came back to life. I did notice the new add-ons and got everything back to normal.

Well I could not leave well enough alone... I decided to attempt to try another update to the current version to see if the update would complete this time. It of course did not and is now stuck in the endless loop or death as I call it.

I did my best to recreate the exact procedure I had done previously to reset the system, I have tried disconnecting the batteries, pulling the USB at the Unit 1 install, everything I could think of with no luck. I ended up taking the truck to the Dodge/RAM dealership near me. They have worked on the truck for two days now and are stating the head unit is completely shot.

The tech mentioned that the system was non responsive and he was unable to do anything. They were definitely in the dash as they mentioned they would need to order a new bezel as they broke mine in the inspection process.

So, they have ordered a new head unit and it will be here in a week or so. I did pick up the truck in the meantime to drive back and forth to work.
While home, I have been attempting to break out of the loop once again.

The system is able to read the USB with the latest update. The update will proceed all the way up to the 11 of 14 update and will always stops at the Wireless Air Card error.

I have read on other sites of folks having the exact same Wireless Air Card issue. Others have performed their update while driving and that has cleared the Air Card error and the update completed successfully. That has not worked for me.

I don't know if I am truly dealing with a hardware issue or an issue with the update/install itself. As I mentioned, the radio and system worked 3 days ago before I attempted another update to overwrite the previous attempt.

Anyone have any wisdom on how I can break out of the endless loop and hard reset my UConnect system? I'm beyond frustrated with my last attempt thinking I could get furtherů
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I don't know if they will be able to help or not, but I would try giving these guys a call. navrepair.com
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Thank you! I have also reached out to Infotainment.com thinking that someone has a hack out there to alter the update process to ignore the Embedded Air Card and complete the update. I'm hoping that will restore the cab controls and radio functionality until I get a replacement.

I'm also thinking this might be the best time to upgrade to the new 8.4 OEM or aftermarket system for improved reliability. The more I read, the VP3s are not stable and the update is forcing their replacements. Why UConnect would offer a software update that is not smart enough to test the Head Unit prior to attempting the update or would not build in a safe exit upon an error is beyond me. Makes me question their motive... I will not be nice when returning to the dealership.

Thanks again.
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