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Duramileage Power/Economy tuner

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Duramileage Power/Economy tuner

I'm selling my recently purchased Duramileage module for the 2013-present Cummins diesel powered Ram trucks with DEF; I purchased it new about 3 months ago. I had to trade my rig in for something else, and now I have no use for loss is your gain! I will tell you what I know about it, so if you have other questions, I highly suggest you go to their site and check it out. Basically this module doesn't reprogram your ECM or PCM, it simply intercepts certain fuel pump, injector programming, and torque management parameters, modifies them for optimal performance and fuel economy, then sends the "tweaked" programming down the line. Because it's technically not re-flashing your ECM/PCM, the dealer's service department will not be able to see that the factory programming had been "modified"; thus not voiding your warranty. From what I've been told and read, it safely increases the fuel pressure and injector "open time" so they can deliver more fuel; all the while keeping the EGT in a safe operating zone. In addition to that, it all but eliminates that lazy take off feeling when first rolling out from a stop. Please don't be misinformed, this is NOT a race tuner, it only operates in approximately the 0-60% throttle position's designed primarily for power/torque on the low end for when towing heavy loads. There are 3 power levels that you can switch to on the "fly", 30/60/90 wheel horsepower...the power dial can be mounted in the cab or left in the engine bay. This module is also designed to increase fuel economy on top of adding the additional power....I can honestly say that I picked up a few MPG once we completely switched over to summer diesel. Another nice feature of this module is that even on the highest power setting, it's not abusing your driveline as much as the big power tuners are doing. The module is SUPER easy to hook have a power and ground wire, and 2 injectors harness wires...that's it! If you want to keep it out of sight and safe, just slide it in between the battery and the battery tray on the driver's side. I'm going to make someone one heck of a deal by selling it for $475 shipped. I also have a like new drop-in K&N air filter for these same trucks I'm selling for $50 shipped....I'll make you a package deal for both pieces at $515 shipped! If your interested, please call or text Joe @ 913.244.3829 anytime. I take Paypal and will ship it the same day that Paypal notifies me that the funds have hit my account. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with either part I'm selling, you have my word on that!! If you want pics, call or text me on the aforementioned cell number and I'll send them to you. Cheers, Joe
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