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What tires to get...

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What tires to get...

SO I am out looking for tires. Had a set of general grabber lt's. They were great in the rain and dry pavement, also for gas mileage. Beyond that they sucked, wore quickly and had to use 4x4 on grass. So they wore out way too quick. These are the tires I am looking at. I run a small farm and tow a Gooseneck three horse trailer. Looking for an E rated tire. Any opinions on any of these?
Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo II
Goodyear Silent Armor
Goodyear Wrangler AT/S
Yokohama Geo ATS OR HTS
General Grabber A/T2
Michelin LTX A/T2
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I personally like the cooper discover stt great tire all around
Here's a link

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I ran the cooper STT's on my 01, and got no life out of them at all. They started to crack around the bead area right away, and when we finally got a good set on there, I got just over 17,000km out of them... they were done.

I have since gone to nitto HD grapplers. Excellent wear characteristics, good traction in all conditions, but you pay a bit of a premium price for them. They are also an E rated tire, which is good for those of us who actually work our trucks.

Good luck with your choices
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Toyo MTs man... cant go wrong...
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Bridgestone Revo II. Great in deep water on the street they never hydroplaned once. When it rains where I am at the streets flood. Only been in light mud once (dirt road) and the had plenty of traction. I am sticking with these for a long time
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Lately I have been eyeing the Cooper Discoverer AT3 285/70/17. Looks like a great tire. Anyone here running that one?
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2nd on the Bridgestones, on my second set and will NEVER run on anything else....
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BRIDGESTONE m500 or r700.

Longest life and best reliability.

The best is cheapest when many get 80K (even 100k) plus from these tires.

An upgrade to KONI FSD shocks would be the same decision as from the run-of-the-mill Bilsteins. Do the anti-roll bar links/bushings now as well, and correct any steering slop (see info on new Dodge steer box).

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I have the Michelin LTX AT2 in the stock size. They are the best tires I have had on a pickup. Traction wet and dry is excellent, the ride is quiet and comfortable, fuel mileage is the same as my stock BFG rugged trails. I haven't used them much off pavement, but the sand washes and dirt roads where I go shooting have been no issue.

I just had them rotated for the fourth time at 20K miles, they are wearing evenly and still have 13/32" of tread remaining (new was 15/32"). The guy at the tire shop suggested I'd get 40K out of them, but from the looks of things it will be more than that.
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Im pushing 60k I believe on the NITTO Dura Grapplers.
Rebalanced once. Rotated a few times.
Wearing even.
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I loved my Yakohama geolander ATS tires. I put 53,000 miles on them with no issues. They handled every type of climate I cold throw at them here in MI. They were on back order with no set date for delivery last month though for the 315/70/17 that I run, so I went with the Goodyear Duratrac. So far I really like these tires too, not loud at all and a little bit more aggressive tread than the Yaokohama's I relplaced. The duratracs are more of a flat tread so the contact patch is wider. With the more squared off shoulder and the side tread on the duratracs I have noticed a little bit of rubbing when I am at full lock in a turn though. So new rims are in order now with a bit more off set to push them out a bit, that and the fact that I cracked my stock alloy some how, and they are about 600 per wheel from the dealer...
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Correction, 67K on them now. 265/70-17.
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Whoa! Someone has my name!
Anyways, I'm on my second set of Nitto Terra Grapplers and I love them. My first set were 285/70/17 and I put over 65,000 miles on them. They towed great and handled the 4-horse gooseneck wonderful with even wear. I just put on some 305/70/17 and will see how these wear. I recommend them!
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Toyo Open County HT with tuff duty: http://toyotires.com/tire/pattern/op...y-ht-tuff-duty
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I had Cooper SST's and liked them on wet / dry pavement. Did not like them at all on snow. Nice and quiet and good wear. Replacement tires are Michelin's. All round much better in snow and still quiet. Will have to see on the wear factor but Michelin's have a great reputation.
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