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2008 Dodge 2500 | Noob From California | Few questions

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2008 Dodge 2500 | Noob From California | Few questions

Hello DTR Forum!

First, I am a noob when it comes to almost everything car or truck. I didn't grow up with anyone in the family interested in it and my path took me into technology...and now I have no idea on how to truly know what to do for our truck.

Second, this truck is not mine. This is my wives work truck. She is a horse trainer. She uses it weekly for hauling, and is her daily driver. This has 131,000 miles.

What work we have done recently? We just replaced the ac compressor, replaced the front lower arms, replaced the rear lower & uppers, rewired batteries, new trailer brake control...

What is wrong? The engine error (since we bought the truck) has been turbo related regarding the turbo actuator (sp?).

We took this truck to diesel specialist (non-dealer) & he said this truck runs great. He suggested a EGR delete, but with my wife using this for business I am against doing this for legal reasons. On the error code he said...just wait until the turbo goes out to install a new turbo.

Here is my question...

1. What should we do about the turbo?
2. Our shocks are stock, what should we be looking at for aftermarket?
3. What should we be looking at for the EGR?
4. What else do I need to know for 131,000+? The truck runs great and even while we've replaced lower/upper arms on rear, tire rods, and lowers on front end...it really hasn't been terrible maintenance. *knock on wood*.

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Bilstein shocks all around. Leave the emissions stock for smogging.
You might want to introduce yourself and mention where you live. members might know of an honest diesel specialist.
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It would help if you can post the actual turbo code.

At 131k miles:
If not done already I'd be looking at changing the coolant, hoses and thermostat.
If an auto trans then fluid and filters.
Fuel filter change at least every 15k miles.
Egr valve and cooler cleaning and replace crankcase filter every 67,500 miles.
Rear diff oil change.
Valve adjustment

List is big as we don't know your maintenance history so disregard any that you're up to date on.

As far as the egr valve, the easiest and cheapest way of dealing with it is to unplug it. It will give you a code but has the same result as deleting it. You'll have to check regularly for new codes but it's not a big deal. Some are ok with it, some not.
The best thing is you just plug it back in a couple of weeks before smog check and the code clears by itself.
With your lack of experience I hesitate to suggest any other route for the egr system.
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Originally Posted by tagrun View Post

We took this truck to diesel specialist (non-dealer) . . . He suggested a EGR delete, but with my wife using this for business I am against doing this for legal reasons.
Welcome to DTR. I think your "diesel specialist" may be looking for guaranteed repeat business from you knowing you need to be stock for your smog test every other year.

Ditto on the Bilsteins unless you want adjustables, then look into Rancho 9000s. I've had good experiences with both.

Ditto on routine maintenance. Learn to do it yourself. It is easier than you think, and a whole lot cheaper.

Is this truck new to the wife or has she had it it's whole life? The owner's manual has lots of info on what to do when, youtube has lots of videos to show you how to do just about anything, and Genosgarage is a great place for parts.

Oh, and talking about great places, you are at one right now. Lots of info here to search and read, and lots of folks to help you get through any issues you may run into.
Back to morning brew . . .
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