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H&S Updates

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this morning my neighbor asked me to get information on his Minnimax on his 5500 Ram that goes off when he hist a bump in the road but comes back on when it wants to.

I have looked for some trouble shooting but nothing comes up. Can anybody help him?

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Well guys, it's been awhile since contributing to (or detracting from) the forum so here goes:
Labarn, I'm not sure what all has been checked but a couple possibilities come to mind; 1) The MiniMax cable is loose at either the OBD2 port or on the back of the Tuner. Unplug and reattach to be sure the connections are good. Hopefully it's not an issue with the cable itself, OBD2 port or power supply to the OBD2 plug.
2) The micro-SD card is not fully seated or is not making good contact with the unit. (less likely but possible).
Good luck & I hope he finds the problem.
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Originally Posted by 2006BLKMegacab View Post
just a guess but it might be a way to get you to buy the MCC codes and start writing your own stuff in search of more, I doubt that they found what they were looking for in terms of mileage and power gains and quit

the best mileage back on 6.7.26....... more stuff to be had with the newer tunes and firmware updates so I may reload 6.7.26 on the truck and then reload the 6.7.50 on the tuner and get all the features of the new stuff at the expense of a few tweaks I didn't use anyway
On another note, I hope Blake, 2006BLKMegacab or 6.7L MegaCab are still monitoring this thread. I have been considering updating my firmware and or software from a SW version 1.02.0 Tune version 6.7.34 (yeah older tune but running well) and would like to hear what others may have to say. Usually the MM is set on "Wild" for the mpg plus the truck seems to run cleaner. The only real problem is the 'Service Required: See Dealer Now' message annoying me every few hundred miles, but a small price for vastly improved performance and economy.
Since H&S is off the grid, I would have to rely on some of the more forward looking members of the Forum for downloads, unless there are other sources which I have been unable to find.
Any opinions or help will be greatly appreciated.
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I would also like a list of tunes, I got my mini maxx awhile ago but wasn't able to afford a new clutch so I kept it on stock. Now I have the new clutch so I have been doing a lot more testing....but my brake/ABS light comes on every once in awhile. I heard the newer versions solved this problem. Any help would be great, thanks.
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