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Turbo Bark " how bad is it"

Old 10-15-2007, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by RoadRacer View Post
Been hanging around here for several months now and haven't made many contributions as I have found out that when you contradict someone or try to answer a question that sometimes you get your wagon painted red.

However since this turbo bark situation has came up I will try and give a little insight.I really wonder why this has not came up earlier and I hardly ever hear of anyone running a "BOV"

A bov is the easiest way to help save stress on your turbo vanes and shafts and not to mention your TBI.As in when you are under hard WOT acceleration and suddenly come off the pedal and the butterfly slams shut your turbo is still under full spool and cranking out how much psi and rpms your engine is venting into the exhaust side of your windmaker and this air has to go somewhere.So it tries to back up as fast as it is coming in.Well you get the picture.That bark noise is probably coming from where you have your air induction plastic,rubber,whatever mounted to metal via a screw clamp.It will cause a boost leak or cause some little or major damage depending on just how many rpms you are turning and how much boost.A bov or pressure relief valve vents this incoming rush of air and relieves the pressure you are trying to cram down your now closed TB and all moving parts are happy and have no stress put on them.

My little Dodge Neon with a 122 cid engine had 450 hp with a HRC stage IV Mitsubishi super 20 G turbo and was equipped with a GReddy type S bov when you let off the loud pedal it sounded like you done ran over a 400 pound tom cats tail.So that so called turbo bark you are hearing is high pressure air trying it's best to explode something in between your turbo i/c air pipes and what else ever you have stuck in there to get in it's way.Figure if you have enough psi to blow a head gasket then that stuff has to go somewhere.A good bov will help save a lot of expensive parts.I mounted mine right before the air charge went into the TB and right after it came out of the i/c.

BTW,DTR you never did get back with me on those parts I called you about last week.Remember me??Redneck from eastern KY pounding down the Buds.
Not to say you are going to get your wagon painted red but your gasser does not operate the same as the CTD.

First there is no butter fly valve in a CTD.

Second the cause of turbo surge is due to the sudden loss of drive force on the turbine when you let off the throttle quickly. As long as the drive force is greater then the compressor load air will move in the correct direction. Once there is a sudden loss of drive force the compressor load will cause a rapid deceleration of the turbo. The volume of air in the IC and piping between the compressor and intake valve will go the path of least resistance and that is back out the intake. Thrust loads shift and this can hammer the bearings. Also the compressor vanes are stress for compression not the other way around so you can bend the vane tips.
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Originally Posted by darrenb View Post
is "turbo bark" the "pssshht" sound when releasing throttle under acceleration to clutch and shift? if so, it doesn't sound like a "bark".
....well is it???
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yup same thing ... just not quite as bad as the WOOOF!! you get with a larger charger and bhaf
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With all these answers and suggestions, what is the fail safe fix of this annoying sound?? It is really starting to **** me off, i always hear it when climbing this one hill in my home town, same spot too. anyway love to get rid of this problem.. If the bov is the answer where do i get one and how hard is it to install?? Or sould i just go get a new turbo??
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Turbo Bark

Turbo bark is caused by a sudden lift from the throttle. The pressure built from turbo boost in the intake manifold has no place to go right away so it goes "backwards" through the system thus spinning the turbo in the opposite direction. That's not a good thing. It can cause the turbo shaft to twist and break.
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