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Rail Pressure and CP3/Injector Help

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Rail Pressure and CP3/Injector Help

Ok, before anyone asks, yes I did use the search function and found multiple threads regarding this type of issue but I have found none that resemble my issue.

The truck in question is an 04.5 and my issue is as follows:
1. When I start the truck, my rail pressure is fine and we'll within what it should be ~7k psi .
2. After the truck has warmed up and I proceed down the road, my rail pressure increases to about 10k psi just cruising - normal.
3. However, at this point if I attempt to accelerate or WOT the most pressure I see is 12k psi; sometimes even a loss of pressure back down to about 10k .
4. Give it about 20 minutes down the road, my pressure slowly builds just cruising - 20 minutes @ 65mph will take my pressure from about 10k to about 19k psi. And it will stay at 19k until I let off the accelerator or come to a stop - at which point the truck will still idle at around 7k psi .
5. After a few minutes of cruising at 19k psi, it will also trigger my Wait to Start light and effectively take about half the power away from the truck - in an attempt to lower pressure I'm guessing.
6. From this point on, the truck will stay at 19k psi until I shut it off when I get home. If I come to a stop and start again, it takes about 1/4 throttle to take the truck from 7k psi (at idle) to 19k.

I don't know where to start. I don't have any codes, leaks, weird sounds, smoke, or a weird idle. I just replaced the FCA due to a P0251 code which solved that issue. The truck has relatively new injectors. They are 90 horse DDP injectors that were installed maybe 2 years ago.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

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