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LMC Truck dash replacement

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Originally Posted by jetboatjoe View Post
any ideas where to get dash replacement for 97
I know Geno's has them.
Might call LMC and inquire if they will offer one?
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I just got finished installing the replacement dash and bezel from LMC (also got the reinforcement pieces), very nice quality products.
I only wish it had come with some instructions, I had to wing the whole job.
Ordered it on Monday and it came Friday. I have a grey dash and it showed as being back ordered for the last couple weeks on LMC's site, finally came off so I ordered one.

The install is pretty straight forward in a 2002 HO w/ a manual trans.

Just a general caution: The plastic structure that holds all the switches/controls is made of the same crappy material as the dash, SO BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU TAKE OUT THE SCREWS. I broke two of the mounts for the headlight switch and one of the standoffs for the SRS switch snapped.

It took me about 3 hours, I could do it faster now that I know what I am doing. (I've never had the dash loose or out of my truck before now, so I had no idea how the dash or the frame work was held in place).

If I had to do it again I would do the steps in this order.

1) put both seats all the way back
2) disconnect both batteries
3) remove dash bezel panel
4) remove lower knee panel
5) remove two nuts holding steering column to dash frame and lower the steering column onto the drivers seat (this is a no brainer on a manual trunk, auto trucks might have issue with shifter linkage???)
6) remove headlight switch (carefully), instrument cluster, A/C controls (do not loose the red harness plug/clip retained like I did), and the little storage compartment. (Don't bother removing the SRS switch and radio).
You can use these holes to see the back the defroster ducts when you have to install the screws.
7) remove glove box
8) remove pass air bag (need to remove metal latch for glove box and dash colored cover to access top three bolts)
9 ) remove all the screws that hold dash cover to inner plastic structure across the front (behind the dash bezel cover)
10) remove the LT/RT kick panel covers
11) loosen the two lower dash frame bolts, (one on LT and one on RT side that hold the lower steel frame section of the dash to the A-pillars). This will allow the dash to tilt.
12) remove 5 upper dash bolts at base of windshield
13) tilt the dash towards the front seats
14) remove the screw on each side of the dash

At this point you can either remove the forward facing screws for all the main defrost ducts and metal frame brace screws. (These are the screws that face the firewall underneath the dash cover). Or you can carefully break the old dash out in pieces like I did and then remove the screws from the broken pieces.

15) remove the screw for the LT/RT side defrost vent duct (one on each duct). The LT one is accessed from behind the dash and through the headlight switch hole (be careful not to break the inner structure for the headlight switch mounting). The RT one is accessed from behind and through the passenger air bag hole.

The hardest part of the job is lining up and installing the two little side duct/vent screws and the forward facing main defroster duct screws.

Remember this is plastic so don't over tighten the screws when installing them.

16) set new dash pad assembly in place
17) install all the front screws (ones behind the dash bezel/cover) and the two side screws about 1/2 way in.
(I guess this is what the bag of new included screws/washers were for? I reused all the original factory screws).
18) install the forward facing defrost and metal bracing screws and side defrost duct screws, tighten all the way
19) tighten down the two side screws and the front screws all the way
20) tilt the dash assembly back up in place and snug the two lower pillar bolts (to hold dash assembly in place while you install the top 5 bolts)
21) install the top 5 bolts at the base of the windshield 1/2 way in (install reinforcement pieces if you bought them)
22) loosen the two lower pillar bolts
23) tighten the top 5 bolts the rest of the way
24) tighten the two lower pillar bolts
25) install instrument cluster
26) raise steering column back in place and install two steering column nuts
27) install the rest of the dash switch items you removed (headlight and A/C, etc)
28) install the passenger side airbag and trim
29) snap the new dash bezel into place
30) install kick panel trims and lower knee panel
31) install glove box
32) hook the battery back up
33) do APPS basic setting if you wish (fixed my surging issue I have been having recently )
34) reset clock

You are done....
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it looks like my lmc dash already has a small crack up by the windshield
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my dash in my 95 is perfect, wonder what puts more stress on them- hot summers or brittle cold starts?
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