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water and methenol injection

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water and methenol injection

anyone trying water injection on their 1rst gen trucks?
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Originally Posted by ***** wagon View Post
anyone trying water injection on their 1rst gen trucks?
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I use the Snows Kit, Willie. It works well when I do use it, but have never taken full advantage of the kit by using true methanol. Itís always just been the windshield washer fluid mix, or straight water. I have it set to initially come on at 15 psi, and full spray at 22 psi. I have two nozzles, a 325 and a 625 lps. You definitely want the spray coming on at high boost numbers, or youíll flood out the flame(combustion). I also inject propane, and tend to use that mainly. Never ever have I tried both

It was actually one of Snowís first kits when he first came out targeting the diesel market. Uses a progressive controller that uses boost charges to activate the spray. Today the kits made by him, the devils own, banks, coolingmist, those are all sophisticated and involve a lot of sensor attachments that make sure your truck is at the ready for any type of spray. All I can say is this- make sure the truck is fully warmed up, and it only sprays at high boost number. Lastly, never try and go over the 4:1 ratio of water to methanol. Iíve read of folks that go as high as 50/50 mix, and one guy I read of on a Powerstroke forum just basically damaged his engine.
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I've got a Frankin-Fogger on my mess. It amounts to a CoolingMist progressive controller, running a Snow 220psig (?) pump and two snow nozzles.

The thing with the water/Methanol ratio is, at a 1/4 ratio for example, the results are gonna be more toward a cooling effect. Pending your application, straight water will cool the most, but adding a minimum % (10 ~ 20%) of Methanol will help prevent the water from putting out the flame, if you will, when flowing to an excess.

Raising the W/M ratio results in progressively less cooling, and more toward adding more fuel (Methanol is a fuel). I regularly run a 50/50% mix and I promise you, it does absolutely nothing for cooling. In fact, in my case the EGTs are up noticeably (100 ~ 200*f) with flowing a lot of W/M.

I've never seen a horse power increase in my mess. But I have seen perhaps 75 or so additional ft/lbs in torque. It's my understanding a lot of the possible gains depend on the overall fuel/air ratio of the engine . . . or there abouts.

Your mileage may vary.
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When the atomized water is changed to water vapor it has the same mass but now has a larger volume. That can increase the compression ratio. Be sure you do not lift the head, blow a head gasket or spin a rod bearing.
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I ran two 625ml/min nozzles and a 50/50 mix back when my truck had a 12mm pump and it gained 35rwhp peak and 70rwhp up at higher rpm. Good little bang for the buck mod.
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If I remember correctly, because the methanol and to a certain extent the water cools the air it also acts as a poor mans intercooler. Allowing more air to be packed into the cylinder and so more fuel can be injected. The methanol is just extra fuel icing also. If I ever get another 5th wheel I'll probably go to water/meth injection to use on those long hills.
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