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oliver foster 11-04-2015 07:44 AM

1st gen parts '89-'93…about anything.
I have a HUGE collection of Dodge diesel stuff.
Dana 60s and, 70 axles, 3.07, 3.54 and 4.10, dually and SRW. I have some 2nd gen Dana 80s as well.
I have several 12V motors, intercoolers, core supports, radiators, wiring, PCMs, interior parts, steering shafts/wheels, driveshafts, hub caps, emblems, trim, rims, plow parts, mirrors, adapter plates, starters, complete cabs, lights, T-cases, Transmissions - 727, A-518s, and Getrags mostly 4x4's.

Like I said, I have about anything other than a solid, stock dually bed for a 1st gen.

Let me know what anyone here, might need to keep an old Dodge on the road.

freight train 11-05-2015 04:52 PM

Oliver buddy old pal. I am looking for a great condition 1989/90 dash wiring harness with no melted or burnt wires or connectors for my Town Wagon project. I could also use a good rear light/fuel gauge harness. I might have one somewhere but I know I don't have a dash. Email me (if you still have my email) directly or pm me on here. Thank you

Stock-3 11-07-2015 12:14 AM

Hi, I'm looking for a banks pod, OEM tach, clean 91-93 OEM grille and a set of 4x4 dog dish hubcaps in excellent shape. Thanks,

oliver foster 11-07-2015 12:29 PM

PMs sent to Robert and Greg.

seakid 11-07-2015 09:44 PM

Looking for LE doors with power mirrors shipped to 98117.

oliver foster 11-08-2015 03:20 PM

I would think shipping a pair of doors from VT to WA would be pretty expensive.

I do have nice power doors, though.

freight train 11-08-2015 07:34 PM

I was looking for one of those Scotty's for a couple years and could only locate one in Bama. I finally gave up, bought a 31' camper and a '05 as my wife didn't like the ride quality of the '92 W350. I swear they only made three of those cool RV's!

SWI Don 11-09-2015 10:12 AM

Looking for an engine harness for 1993. I have a nice under hood harness but have figured out that I need an engine harness too. Specifically looking for the connector for the fuel heater but if I got the whole engine harness I could get the pre heaters going.

This is on a retrofit into a non native truck.


oliver foster 11-10-2015 08:49 AM

Yeah that Scotty truck camper is a cool rig, Robert!

Don, I have lots of wiring harnesses..PM sent to you.

Vader93 11-10-2015 10:11 PM

I'm looking for a good injection pump and an engine side wiring harness for a 93 le

Vader93 11-10-2015 10:13 PM

I'm looking for a good injection pump and an engine side wiring harness for a 93 le with wiring for under the hood, to the engine and to the transmission (5 speed)

oliver foster 11-11-2015 07:26 AM

PM sent to

Rampage1967 11-11-2015 11:53 PM

Would you happen to have as 91.5 auto PCM??

oliver foster 11-12-2015 06:33 AM

I will check if I have that half year PCM in stock and PM you with an answer shortly.

killershark 11-14-2015 07:44 AM

Hi I would be interested in :
under hood Insulation
Cab mounted roof marker lights
Center high mount bed light

I have a 1993 D350

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