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Getting ready to install my new BD Exhaust Brake

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Getting ready to install my new BD Exhaust Brake

2005 3500, 5.9 Cummins, manual, BD turbo-mount Exhaust Brake.

Looking at the instructions, the wiring diagrams make it look like I can eliminate the entire DFIV installation by using the shifter-mounted rocker switch I bought. Yet the instructions clearly indicate installation of the DFIV module before it says to jump to the rocker switch installation.

Do I have the option of eliminating the DFIV module? Should I?

Any input as to preferences? The DFIV would give ma a gas pedal actuation and a cruise control disconnect, but then if I have the rocker switch, would I need those?

Second question: What options have people looked at for replacing the tiny little compressor with a better unit that would be usable for tires? This little thing has a 150psi max pressure, but only a 25% duty cycle at 2.3cfm at 100psi. Wondering if I might be able to install a pressure tank up under the frame that would hold enough volume at 150 psi to fill a tire or two.
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I'm getting ready to install a Pacbrake on my 07, and have decided to do the air system myself. I would recommend getting a better compressor, look at some of the stuff sold for cars with pneumatic suspensions. Viair makes some Compressors
I picked up a pretty big one and have mounted it under the passenger side with a big splash pan to protect it. There are many other brands as well. Amazon and Ebay have a big selection size and shape tanks, there's plenty of room under the truck to stash one.
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I've been working on installing my BD exhaust brake most of the day. Unsuccessfully. The instructions are poorly written, to the point that I'm not sure whether I'm missing parts, or they shipped me the wrong item, or I'm just stupid.

Before I burst into flames here, I'm going to call them next week and see if Diesel Power Products and BD will get me straightened out and squared away.
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I have the Pacbrake on mine and only use the stick mounted switch. It is positioned so that I can activate it with my thumb and use it many times every day. You do NOT need all that electronic stuff to control the brake as that is optional.

As for compressors, I now use two Viair compressors mounted in the box in the back of the truck. Made a semi floating installation for sound deadening. Originally I had one compressor installed behind the back seat, but that was horribly noisy. Now can no longer hear the compressors when they run, so installed a tiny LED on the instrument panel next to the pressure gauge so that I know when they are on.

I have a Viair 2.5 gallon air tank mounted under the LH side of the truck between the frame and the side of the cab. Also have a Viair 5 gallon tank squeezed into a similar location on the RH side and connected in series. Next to the rear seat and inside the truck I installed a standard quick disconnect so can now use this air for other purposes like pumping tires.

The photo shows my compressor installation. I have the extra valving that is required for the front and back airbags, but you will not need them. If you install a compressor this far away from the battery, make sure that you have an adequate wire size for the load and a proper fuse next to the battery.
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