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stainless steel injector?

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stainless steel injector?

Are these any good? How new are they to the market? Diesel Auto Power has them. Are the upgrades to the design needed or is it all hype?

GENUINE BOSCH Common Rail Injector. Has all BOSCH components, New BOSCH nozzle. Has the updated puck and collar design found on all "stainless" injectors since 2009. All injectors are made from stainless steel, but in 2009 Bosch made some that had a "shiney" body. These were termed as "stainless" by the masses.

The true update was to the internals where Bosch changed the standard nozzle seat to incorporate a puck and collar to limit lateral movement of the pintle/needle inside the nozzle. This reduces wear and increases lif of the injector assembly.

New 50 or 90HP nozzles available

Looking to purchase new injectors asap and looking for input on these or any other possible ones I should look at before I buy. Any input would be nice,thanks. PS not looking to boost power but want economy
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Its not hype, it is what the factory produces now... this isn't just a Diesel Auto Power thing it is a change made back when and all the factory injectors are made this way today. The only choices you have are these new, or the old style rebuilt.

They are improved injectors just as your cut and paste says, nothing more, nothing less.

If you do not want to boost power, and want economy, stick with stock-- although a very mild hone can clean up tip passages enough to improve mileage very slightly, that's a crapshoot and usually not worth the money you have to spend to get that result.
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Some of this information above is incorrect.

This may be long, but bare with me:

Starting in 2006 Bosch started using new steel in the South Carolina plant that was originally designed to aid in machining processes and work with their current heat treating equipment. The new steel is not stainless and never has been. The new steel alloy is a hot rolled, tempered material as delivered. The old steel was a low alloy, hot rolled, annealed as delivered. Tool wear was lowered and heat treating response was higher/better VS the old alloy.

As of now, new injectors for the older generation engines are hard if not impossible to find. Many of the "new" injectors being sold by many many shops are actually Bosch re-mans and could have either the newer steel or have bodies of the older steel that are reused from cores. Last month I had my supplier check all of his Bosch injectors on the shelf. Of 30, 25 were the old steel bodies that were reused during re-manufacturing.

One of the benefits of the new steel is the pulsation fatigue is lower. With your injectors being exposed to billions of pulses throughout their lifetimes, anything to reduce that fatigue is a good thing. This includes not elevating pressures in the system for maximum life.

Bosch part numbers for dealers are always marked as re-mans and always have been, but we all knew that if you ordered a re-man, you always received a new injector. That is no longer the case.

The new style injector is a rear guided pintle style. This started around 2007-2008, but was not really everywhere in the market until last year. There are also some changes to the control valves and control rods. A micro-cracked, hard chrome valve ball seat is one upgrade. Don't let the term; "micro-cracked" scare you. It is a good thing, not bad. While the hard chrome is resistant to water and trash in your diesel fuel more so than the older valve was, they tend to have a higher leakage rate faster than the older style. This is in finding that many current Diesel owners just dont do the filter changes as often they should, run off-road fuel from small tanks, or buy from off brand fuel stations with perhaps older, water laden fuel in thier storage tanks.
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If the injectors are rebuilt and thus are not new how is it they can get way with listing/advertising them as being new Bosch injectors aka New (Stock Replacement)?
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So, the new style don't sound much better to run than the older style. Either way, you need a 2 mic fuel filter and better water/fuel separation.
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Don, I've been thinking of having the dealer look at mine before my 7/70 is up. What's the best test they can run w/o pulling the valve cover? If they replace any, what injectors are the Dodge dealers getting these days? Thanks for your help!
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