View Full Version : Test Drove PSD 6.0

12-09-2002, 06:43 PM
I had a little time today so I stopped by a few dealers today. The first Dodge dealer had no trucks that could be test driven. All were waiting for recall fix.<br><br>I stopped by the Ford place and there was a two wheel drive PSD 6.0. I figured what the heck and took it for a ride. It ran much more like a gasser than a diesel. The power band did't kick in until after 2200 RPMs. Real power was not felt until it was over 3000 RPMs. It red lined at 4200 or 4300 RPM.<br><br>I think this won't be a bad choice for some one moving from a V10 but I like to feel the torque much sooner. It was very smooth and my have made less noise at highway speeds. The smoothness is what I rember. <br><br>I do not think it would be my first choice. Infact I think I like the 7.3 PSD better. They do have a winner with the Trans. It shifts nice and firm both up and down and at the correct time. That tranny with the CTD would be great.<br><br>I am just getting ready to order my truck so I had to stop and test drive the Dodge. I drove a CA special which is a de-tuned SO. There was twice as much torque at low RPMs. We had a little rain today and when I turned around I hit it just a little and about swapped the front end with the back.<br><br>The CTD is not as smooth at highway speeds. I guess it may be because it is 6 cylinder. I could not tell if it could hear more engine noise or if I could feel it. What ever it was I think I like it.<br><br>Any one else drive the two and have any comment?