View Full Version : steering wander

10-09-2002, 01:01 AM
Well tried to get truck fixed today. I was told when I made the appointment they were going to change out the steering box. The first time they worked on it they replaced track bar and tie rod at pitman arm this did not fix the wander. Today they changed out drag link and outer tie rod end and performed toe set.Well I can take my hands off the wheel and it go's straight, but while driving with hands on you work the wheel back and forth it seems to be so touchy you can't go straight. While I was at the Dealer I saw a 2002 CTD QC sb<br>auto every option including leather heated seats $34,000 and he will take my truck back at no loss to me. This truck is used with 500 mi on it. My new old truck 2001 has a canopy and bedliner the new new one does not. Well I will sleep on it and go drive the new one tomorrow sure hope it drives straight.

11-02-2002, 01:06 AM
I have the same thing and just picked up the steering coupler arm that goes from the steering gear to the steering wheel shaft. It is cheap at $125 for the part.<br><br>To check pop the hood and from the drivers side reach into the shaft comming out of the firewall and try to turn it with your hand and if it does it's bad. Very common on our Dodge's.<br><br>Good Luck, Srigley