View Full Version : Small Problem Installing Exhaust Brake

11-12-2002, 10:13 PM
I received my new PacBrake system and started installation. It requires that the exhaust flange attached to the turbo (5 bolts) be removed and replaced with their V-clamp style flange. Upon removing the bolts that hold the flange to the turbo housing, I came across one that was hard to turn. I was able to get it out about a turn and a half before I lost my nerve and decided I didn't want to twist this bolt off in the housing. Visions of dollar signs started to appear thinking about having to replace the housing. I soaked it down with WD and waited a few minutes. I got the bolt out but the threads are broken in places. I tried screwing one of the good bolts into the hole and it started to bind up too. I cleaned the tapped hole in the housing as best as I could and reassembled it. Should I have used some anti-sieze smurf snot on the bolts? The problem now is I'm afraid to take it back apart!<br><br>I can't imaging what it would be like to disassemble one with some years and miles on it. Mine is a 2002 with only 8500 miles.<br><br>There's more... The PacBrake uses the ECM connector pin 20 for the throttle sensor relay. This requires removal of the 50-pin connector. There is a big yellow sticker on the connector that says VOID. What's this gonna do to the warranty when this sticker is ripped due to removal? I think I already know the answer :(<br><br>I also got my 4&quot; stainless system today. Geesh! It huge ;D

11-12-2002, 10:38 PM
Hello<br> I installed the Jacobs brake on my truck.<br> I would take it back apart and run a tap into the hole and clean up the threads, unless you did that already. <br> I use Anti-seize compound on everything that gets hot. I use the stuff with copper in it. It turns colors from the heat but it seems to do it's job. I have had pretty good luck with it so far. I get it at Advance Auto.<br>Hope this helps <br>See Ya<br>Chris