View Full Version : Silencer Ring?

12-27-2002, 04:58 PM
Does the HY35 on the 3rd gens have a silencer ring?<br><br>Adam

12-28-2002, 01:22 AM
This is the second time I have seen the infamous Okie Bronc Rider show up!

Green Giant
12-30-2002, 09:24 PM
Howdy,<br> Why yes it does :( . And it also features noise reduction in the big black plastic tube on the intake side of the inlet air plumbing &gt;:(. Mine lost both due to my carelessness with a screwdriver and hack saw ;D. Jeff

01-01-2003, 08:12 PM
Does anyone have any tips to get the snap ring out that hold the silencer ring in ????? I had a pair of snap ring pliers and couldnt not ever get them to grab. Kyle

Green Giant
01-01-2003, 08:46 PM
you will need 2 screw drivers and a needle nose pliers set.<br>take a very small (but strong) screwdriver and gently force it under the edge of the snap ring to raise it slightly out of its retaining ring on the turbo. As you lift up on the edge take the second medium sized screw driver and force the raised edge of the snap ring away from the turbo. Using the medium sized screwdriver to hold the snap ring away from its seating area on the turbo use the needle nose pliers to grab the ring and pull it on out of there. The silencer will usually fall out at this point and make sure there are NO metal shavings in the inlet after you are done your surgery doctor 8).<br>Jeff

Hummin Cummins
01-29-2003, 01:32 PM
Is it true that removal of this feature voids the warranty?<br><br>If not, where is this noise reducer found?<br><br>BTW: I am a turbo man. *whistle while I work* [laugh]

Green Giant
01-31-2003, 10:59 AM
Is it true that removal of this feature voids the warranty?
No It does not.
If not, where is this noise reducer found?
In the black plastic tube between the air filter and the turbo inlet. Its in the straight section. Once you cut it out it can't ever go back in unless you buy a new tube. And quite frankly I don't see that need ever arising [laugh].


01-31-2003, 12:10 PM
This is my first diesel, so I have no prior experience to draw upon. Other than making the engine noisier (is this a plus?), what benefit do I get by removing this ring?

Casey Balvert
01-31-2003, 01:03 PM
What benefit? Zip, nada, none, zero, nuttin. Just some turbo whine. ;D

01-31-2003, 09:51 PM
:o If you remove the plastic air defuser properly you can reinstall it. ;D I did no problems 8)<br>I removed the silencer ring with one screw driver. It came out real easy 8)

Green Giant
02-03-2003, 10:55 AM
<br> :o If you remove the plastic air defuser properly you can reinstall it. ;D I did no problems 8)<br>I removed the silencer ring with one screw driver. It came out real easy 8)<br><br><br>You were able to remove the plastic &quot;+&quot; section from inside the large black tube without destroying it ??? ???. How? Mine was glued in the middle and there was no way to get it out intact so out it came with a hacksaw blade. ;D<br>Jeff

02-03-2003, 07:36 PM
:o I cut the flange on the inlet side and slid it ouy the end.<br>Reinstalled the tube and you can`t tell unless you remove it an look inside. ;D

02-03-2003, 10:02 PM
What flange exactly? i pulled it out today and removed the ring, but didnt wanna start cutting till i heard from somebody if it really is worth it.

02-03-2003, 10:29 PM
8) Remove the tube from the truck. On the inlet side you`ll see the lip that is on the end. I used my die grinder and cut the flang/lip off the end. This allows you to reuse the tube and not worry about the sealing to the boot. Anyway cut off the end lip, take a hammer and tap the defuser out with the handle end. Clean the tube and reinstall. Make sure you remove only the lip that holds the defuser in. Not the HACK saw methode. You can`t tell it`s been removed unless you remove it and look inside. ;D

02-03-2003, 10:40 PM
ahhh. i understand.....sneaky, sort of :)

02-09-2003, 06:30 PM
i took the blak plastic thing out all together and replaced it with a pice of 5&quot; s.s. tube looks nice and you get a smooth flow of air insted of having the grooves in the plastic pice and if i have to take it to the shop i just put the plastic pice back in.

02-10-2003, 02:14 PM
How much more turbo whistle can you get by removing the air intake plastic cross piece? I removed the snapring and plate outa the turbo, it sounds kinda like air rushing now a bit more whine. Don't want too much noise, heck the reason I paid for an '03 was to keep it quiet. But I gotta confess I do like to hear the turbo. (Maybe the reason I like my ol L 10 in my dump truck)<br><br>Hazzybeens where's you pick up a piece of SS that size?<br>Thanks<br>Paul

03-25-2004, 08:55 AM
ANy thoughts on performance when this is removed?