View Full Version : Sept 18, 2010 Western NC Dyno Day Results

09-19-2010, 06:32 PM
As usual, this was a great event and I had a good time.

My sincere thanks to my friend Lucas Underwood at "L&N Performance" in Blowing Rock for again hosting this event. We had the best weather ever for this event with a temperature in the mid 70's, along with low humidity and clear blue skies. Lucas, my thanks to you and your family for your hospitality and friendship the last few years!;)

I also want to thank David Dunbar and his helper Jamie for bringing their dyno to this event. David, as always, it was good to see you guys again.

As in past years, I recorded the highest horespower and torque numbers for all the trucks that ran yesterday. The numbers posted were the highest numbers for H.P. and TORQUE for each truck:


NAME----------------------MAKE OF TRUCK---------------------H.P./TQ.---

1.) John Barker------------02' Dodge CTD----------------------397/839----
2.) Jordan Sample---------00' Ford PSD------------------------479/952----
3.) Justin Sigman----------96' Ford PSD------------------------302/601----
4.) Tyler Sigman----------2011 Ford PSD (6.7)-----------------371/712----

5.) Tyler Sigman----------02' Ford PSD------------------------346/688----
6.) Brandon Dockery------97' Ford PSD------------------------388/778----
7.) Donnie Krueger--------00' Ford PSD------------------------400/826----
8.) Larry Barnett----------87' Ford Mustang--------------------620/711----
9.) Doug Winebarger------06' Dodge CTD CR--------------------436/774---
10.) Archie Prevette-------07' Chevy Duramax-------------------445/855---
11.) Max Wagoner---------08' Dodge CTD CR--------------------449/1017--
12.) Jerry Anthony---------95' Dodge CTD-----------------------522/------
13.) Greg Edwards---------95' Chevy Impala SS-----------------231/283----
14.) Jeremy McCall---------04' Dodge CTD CR-------------------564/1128---
15.) Brandon Parsons------02' Ford PSD-------------------------319/665---
16.) John Porterfield, Sr.---96' Dodge CTD---------------------- 871/1680---
17.) John Porterfield, Sr.---06' Dodge CTD CR--------------------501/932---

Thanks to everyone that atended this event!