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02-16-2003, 11:07 PM
Fellow Smoke Sniffers....<br>First let me start off by saying thanks to those here who came and enjoyed the Seafood outing a few weeks ago.I was embarrassed by not having my ride all shined up and will rectify that for this show so no spy shots can be taken of it all messed up,LOL.It was good to see all of you there.<br><br>Now on to the business at hand..<br>We are having a Wrench day/BBQ session for our members who will be departing us to go home to Texas in March.The Wiredawgs(Ron &amp; Vivian) have recieved a promotion that has brought along a transfer back to Texas and we will send them off M-D style.Date for the day has been set and will be Saturday March 15th begining at 8-9am and going till we either tire out or get tossed out,LOL.Those here who have supported us we would like to see your smiling faces again to send them off.i'll include show info below and a direct box to email me at if your interested.Its a covered dish cookout,so whip up your favorite dish or bring along your favorite beverage and let get it on.<br><br>Last item and to the owners here at DTR... <br>The Mason-Dixon TDR have added a new group for those fellow smoke sniffers which are not TDR members to join.It will be called The Mason-Dixon Turbo Diesel Power and encompasses all owners no matter what brand they are or what board.The dues will remain as ours are $10 annually due at Fall Brawl.More owners,more trucks,bigger shows lots of stories and good times.We will discuss this at the BBQ and love to hear your input.........Andy<br><br>What-Wrench Day/BBQ<br>When-Saturday march 15th from 8-9am till ???<br>Where-Mike Harris''s shop-104 Fern Drive-Joppa,MD 21085 <br>Contact me-superstock6Pak@hotmail.com or PM me here

03-10-2003, 08:34 PM
Bump TTT<br>This is this coming weekend. ;)

Lary Ellis (Top)
03-10-2003, 08:36 PM
Thanks for the offer Andy! :)